Remember the days when I maintained the status quo?

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  1. Hello I'm Green_Mystery. Almost a year and a half ago, my status as a moderator was pulled and since then a lot has changed about me. So much so that a new introduction is in order.

    First and foremost, I am almost 19. I have spent a lot more time focusing on my future in the real world with video games and such. I have not played minecraft seriously during that time, though sometimes my friend and I would download maps just to create cannons and destroy them. Dare I say we had a blast?

    Anyways I won't go into graphic detail about my personal life, but it has been a wild ride.

    After my first breakup, I fell into a depression that affected my attitude and consequently my performance as a moderator. Immature as I was, I felt like I deserved more power. What a fool I was. I liked moderating because it was a great way to reach the many citizens of The Empire. It was an honor to serve such a high quality server such as this one.

    After my shameful demotion, I split from the community. It took time but I did forget about this place for some time. Since then I've got a job. Nothing special, just a crew member at a Dunkin' Donuts. I also bought a car.

    Has your driving instructor told you yet not to go over 40 in a snowstorm so you'll get to work on time? Well if not then I've got some valuable advice for you. Don't go over 40 on the high way in a snow storm.

    So why am I here then, you ask? Well my friend, I'm going to be completely honest here. I miss coming to visit once in a while. Times were simple and enjoyable those many months ago. Those times are what I miss. And I miss all of you. So it is with a heavy heart that I beg you for my disservice to the server. I'm not looking to be greeted with open arms, all I ask is for a jolly old "welcome!".

    I'm sorry if this post seems a bit on the negative side. I promise that this sort of feeling won't last long.

    Lots of love,

  2. Welcome back, have a blast.
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  3. Welcome back! (And sorry to hear what has been happening to you. )
  4. I don't really know you, I do remember seeing your name. I think its great your coming back. It's always nice to have people return to the Empire. So, welcome back!
  5. Gosh i have been here so long I remember when you were moderator :) Welcome back hehe
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  6. I have never forgotten about ya and often wonder where you have gone. I give to you from me a great welcome old friend. I hope others can recognize the great presence you had once here long ago on this server. Welcome Home Green Mystery!
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  7. it really you??

    Welcome back, hope to see you around. :cool:
  8. It's you! :D
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  9. I remember your very saddening demotion, sadly enough. I wish you a welcome back with open arms. I wish for you to enjoy your time on EmpireMinecraft, as everyone has that right. I hope to see you around! ;)
  10. You're baaaaaaack :D
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  11. wait, you didn't choose do be demoted o.o
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  12. Thank you everyone. :)

    princebee said:
    wait, you didn't choose do be demoted o.o

    The truth is no, I did not. It's unfortunate how it happened, and I won't go into it. :confused:
  13. We never really knew each other, but I remember the green name, then the silver :p
    Welcome back man
  14. Would you say that it is a mystery...? WB Senor!
  15. Sorry, I can't do anything about the open arms :)
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  16. oh snahp
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  17. I remember you from a long time ago :3
    Welcome back compadre.
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  18. Welcome back, person who made the EMC art thread! :D
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  19. Welcome back man! You always were one of my favorite moderators and players on EMC!
    Awesome Puppy!.jpg
  20. Thanks again guys! You're making me all green. :D
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