Remember me?

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  1. Remember me?

    After about a year I came to check up on EMC again. Seems like they finally fixed things. :D I lost all my stuff, though, and don't play Minecraft anymore. Oh well. Also, what happened with ICC and the old owner (can't remember his name, sorry :/)?
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  2. :D
    I remember you!
    So glad to see you again! :D
    JustinGuy stepped down for personal reasons, and ICC was demoted by Aikar.
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  3. I never really interacted with you, but I recognize that avatar and that name. :) Welcome back to EMC! And yes, times are a-changin' here in the Empire. I hope to see more of you ingame, and I'm glad to see that you've decided to continue your EMC journey! :)
  4. icc was demoted? why?
  5. ^omg where you on EMC about a 2 months ago?
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  6. dayum dude
    seeing some old faces here
    just- dayum
    you're giving me nostalgia
  7. Lets please not go into details and just leave it at ICC has moved onto "greener pastures" :)

    But welcome back, hope you give MC another shot and check out all our new stuff :D
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  8. I do indeed remember you :)
  9. Question: I remember right before I was banned that you posted a thread about my win7 Minecraft theme pack thingy being a virus. Where did that come from?
  10. Wut
    Mind finding that thread for me? I have no idea what that is >.>
    {EDIT} Just did a site search, that was JackBiggin
  11. lets just leave everything that happened then, back there, so far you've asked like every single question that could start arguments over sour feelings if someone still has them :(
  12. I don't remember you :(
    But I'm kinda new (in comparison to most of the others) so oh well.
    (almost) Never too late to get to know you though!
  13. You know I don't have an ear everywhere... or probably i do, I gotta clean my ears
  14. Hey bud, PM Aikar to appeal. My appeal included details in which may help your appeal, as it cleared up some stuff. Hope to see your cake face in game.
  15. Whoops. Thought that was you. :/

    FYI I don't need to appeal. When my ban was originally instated I was forum and server banned. My forum ban has been appealed it seems, not sure about servers, but like I said, I don't play MC anymore. BTW, your avatar is amazing. I have this, but yours is definitely better.
  16. Tried to PM JackBiggin about the old thingy (regarding the win7 theme pack he thought was a virus), but it says that I'm not allowed to PM him. Anyone know how I can contact him?
  17. He stepped down because of exams and he rarely comes on now.
    But I remember you on my (old) account on EMC. Never seen you on forums though :3