Rei's SMP8 utility thank u fav. number contest !

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  1. smp8 utility is AWESOME!

    my armor was almost gone b/c of stupid momentus group protection, now its brand new!!!

    time 4 celebration. i could have spend 30k on new armor, instead i spend less and making some ppl happy (I hope) & making smp8 wild stuff known!

    be sure 2 check out this => smp8, go 2 /wild n

    Ur job: guess my favorite number.

    and b/c every1 now thinks im shelly alt (so tired of that: shelly, stop it! :mad:) i also PM'd khixan! so they disqualified :D

    it is between 1 - 50

    1st to guess WINS:
    • 2 vault vouchers (shelly donated 1)
    • 1 stable voucher
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  2. Yea! Alts tak over their owners.. I changed ender's forum accownt so he can't come on nowww. Muahahha. I gess 2. >:)
  3. higher
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  4. hints given.


    last hint 4 2day ^.^
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  5. 27
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  6. 15
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  7. I know the answer, nanni-nanni-boo-boo :p lol thx Aya, convo sent to ya also.
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  8. you guys getting close! bit higher!

    shelly also gave hint i see ^.^
  9. 18?

    I love the smp8 utilities too! They're such a labor of love from some pretty awesome players ♡
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  10. u won!

    here is what i PMd to Khixan yesterday:

    imma send u the stuff when im online later ^.^
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  11. That's an awesome idea to have someone verify it that way ^^ and thank you for the giveaway!
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  12. Congrats Kytula!
    Ok, now why is 18 your favorite number Aya?