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  1. So, recently my girlfriend Lizzie has joined EMC! I was really happy when she decided to and I explained to her how everything works (i.e. commands, reses, and such) and I told her she should join the forums. I didn't really remember how to do it, as I don't remember how I joined the forum, but she went in game and typed /register. She brought me to her computer and showed me that the chat area that explained what to do next was flashing. I thought that was weird and told her that wasn't supposed to happen. Once she typed in her email, it said to either type the name of the player who referred you to the server or type done. She typed my name at first, but it just went back to the previous instructions (the ones that explained to type her email). She typed her email again and it went to the next chat log about finishing. This time, she typed done and it brought her back to the email thing again. Since she can't join the forums, I'm asking this question. Help?
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  2. Telling ya, this out-dated forums is coming to bite us. :p

    In all seriousness though, was she on the same IP as you? If she is, then maybe because she tried to enter you as the person who referred her messed something up.
  3. Probably just glitches out. Have her type in game /forumpass to see if a password comes up. If it does then she can go straight to the forums with it.
  4. Has she tried disconnecting and then reconnecting to the server?

    A last resort option would be to manually sign up on the forums and not in-game.
  5. Sounded like the registration went through but glitches she tried to do the referral.
    That being said she can't re-register so she must do /forumpass.
  6. Thank you all for the advice. Lizzie has successfully registered and is now on the forums!
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  7. Ive seen lizzy, she joined 5. Shes a great builder :eek:
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