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  1. Am I alone in saying this?

    I do not mind that the EMC logo changes for certain events, it's just that it never reverts back to the normal logo. I would like for the logo to change to celebrate a certain thing, then change back.

    The current system we seem to have is just to put a logo in respects to a holiday/event and then change it when another arrives resulting in a logo celebrating an event weeks after it happened. I propose some things:

    • The logo changes for holidays/important events
    • It changes to default a week, please no more than a week, after the event has passed.
    • The logo changes to celebrate the holiday/important event around the time. For Christmas/Kwanzaa/Chanukah, it could be at the beginning of December.
    • No logos for contests -- I probably stand alone here
    • For the newsletter logo, have it the day the newsletter comes out please and no other day.
    Please leave your opinions and such below. I brought it up to Krysyy and apparently I was alone on this.
  2. I don't mind it having a monthly "theme" but I'm with you on the events thing at least.
    The Unicorn Taco thing, and the dirt pile... Gonna be honest, not my favorites. But neither of them are awful enough to cross the line from "indifference" to "active dislike."
  3. I had to ask people about the current one, tbh. I thought it was a guy with an ax standing in a dirt field.
  4. Same as Keph, I disliked the Unicorn and Taco logo, and didn't know what was up with this month's logo until Erektus explained it to me.

    Being a person who's main focus on Empire Minecraft is bringing in new players, I don't really enjoy not have the default logo on the site, I'd much rather have that than a pile of dirt.
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  5. I think change is good (eh eh Liberalism) but i guess keeping it old schooled (conservatism D:) must be loved by people. my reply change is good but bring back the old
  6. Same can go for the buying rupees bonus. It'll say "xxx,xxx amount of rupees (xx% amount xxxxx holiday bonus)" and it will literally say that year round regardless if that holiday is even relevant. It still says Independence Day! Come on now..

  7. The logo changes to represent the theme for the month, not just because of one holiday. You don't celebrate Halloween for the day only. You usually spend time decorating the house, carving pumpkins, etc all throughout the month of October.

    This month's theme wasn't the contest, it was Labor Day. It shows a construction worker. The newsletter heading (which also follows the theme of the month) shows a nurse, a teacher, and a construction worker. It just so happened to fit in to the contest out of coincidence.

    The tacos and unicorns thing was to represent crazy and random and we had a blast with it.
  8. I have no power to change that so that is all Aikar =P
    And as he'll tell you, I've mentioned it once or twice. He often has other things on his plate that take precedence.
  9. I feel one of the main reasons the I-Day Rupee Promotion is still on-going, is to increase interest in buying rupees instead of vouchers.

    Just a guess.
  10. I'm not too sure about this, but I don't think taking down a discount is that hard. Like I said, I'm not too sure if that's the case.
  11. ^^^ this. so much this.
  12. Just a suggestion for the the future. Maybe put "Happy Labor Day" or something on it just to make it clear what it's celebrating as I wasn't aware it was in celebration until you said that. Also what was the thing behind the tacos and unicorns? I still don't get it, was it just cause yolo or did something trigger it.
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  13. It's just that ever since the team has started this creative logo stuff, we have yet to see the original logo. Not even once.
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  14. yolo apparently. read kryssys post like three up from yours :p
  15. You do not know how much I agree with this
  16. Penciled in for April 2016
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  17. Totally agree. Personally, I hate the logo changes, no offence to anyone's art skills, I just prefer the original.