Referral Update + Monthly Contest

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  1. We have launched a monthly referral contest. Earn supporter memberships, tons of rupees, and special items by telling your friends about EMC!

    Our professional camera man was nervous and drank about 75 red bulls before filming, so forgive his shaky camera work!

    All details are in the video!

    Thanks to our special guest, OrigamiJoe!

    * Sorry for the not as good as my usual quality of video. Did this one without much planning and hadn't done one in quite a while. Future ones will be nicer...pinky swear!

    PS - This is a new channel I created specifically for news & updates I do for EMC only so they're not mixed in with my main gaming channel, so feel free to sub to this one as well. :)

  2. Mhmm, Videos will come in handy, I'll see if I can get some more members for the cause!
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  3. 75 RedBulls would he not be dead... :p Well back to the point. This is a good idea and ill see what i can do! :D
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  4. Aaaand, first subscriber. :D(Dubeol123)
    Great idea btw! Will get people to start wanting to make the comunity grow.
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  5. forgive the camera man you mean forgive you XD
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  6. Looks, interesting.
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  7. Awesome! Thanks!
    Damn man! 75 redbulls, most I had in a day was 14 :3 You beat me! xD
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  8. Haha Awesome! time to get more alts friends to play :D

    oh, nvm
  9. Cool video bro, needs more (Ender)Dragons.
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  10. erm... Notch forbid me impying the admin made a mistake but... heard of F8?
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  11. Everyone get ready for FDNY to buy your referral blocks! *buckles seatbelt*
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  12. How did you guess? :)

    May I just point out that the referral signature is extremely fast? Or is that just me? :L
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  15. Yeah, it's mainly there to keep the clean loop between the end and the start :p
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  16. right after I register this account and my other 2 alts... wtf cow of ice cream... bad timing :p
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  17. I literally suggested something very similar to this on another server I work with just over a week ago. I guess great minds think alike...;)
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  19. Well luckily half of my 6th period digital design class has MC accounts, time to make them join my evil plan :D
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  20. First referral of the month goes to Piggeh.. :p
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