Referral Contest Winners for September 2014

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  1. Thank you to all those that participated in the referral contest for the month of September 2014. We have tallied the numbers and can announce the results.

    Most Clicks (will receive Blocks of Clickyness):
    1st: wisepsn
    2nd: OmegadustMC
    3rd: Olaf_C

    Most Referrals (will receive supporter vouchers):
    1st: wisepsn
    3rd: salesman200

    Winners check your vaults for your prizes momentarily.
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  2. I did not even post this time around...
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  3. Teach me your ways...
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  4. Ahahaha lol, but still congrats :p
  5. Congratulations to all that made it!
  6. Congrats all winners! :D
  7. aww man I didn't make it. :( I thought I had a huge chance this time. Darn.
  8. Congratulations to the winners :)
  9. I'm guessing you gave the change to everyone else? :p
  10. Minecraft Forums no longer allow referral links - you have to use other sites now and with my daily life getting so much busier, I decided it was better to not do the transition and just let it to others to go for it, so I suppose so :p
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  11. Congratz peeps, P.S TV is cool you should try it
  12. I know this is sorta an old post-ish, but I just read this.

    the only reason I came here was because I randomly found an iron voucher in my vault
    I'm like "what's this?"
    asks in town chat
    Everyone says "you won referral contest"
    I didn't even know there was a referral contest, and I haven't shared my banner anywhere.
  13. Only the clickyness contest requires a referral link to be shared with people. If you simply get others to join the game, it still counts =)
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  14. Sorry for my 4th vault for being such a mess. >.>
    Anyway, congratulations to all the other winners that participated! :D