Referral Contest Winners for June 2014

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  1. Thank you to all those that participated in the referral contest for the month of June 2014. We have tallied the numbers and can announce the results.

    (insert drumroll here)

    Most Referrals (winners will receive Supporter Vouchers):
    1st Place: FDNY21
    2nd Place: IceCreamHorse
    3rd Place (tie): hashhog3000 and Elysphic
    hashhog3000.png elysphic.png
    Most Banner Clicks (winners will receive Referral Blocks of Clickyness):
    1st Place: FDNY21
    2nd Place: hashhog3000
    3rd Place: EnvoyDragon
  2. Good job everyone :)
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  3. fdny21's appearance must've gotten him the win
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  4. Wow, I won again? Awesome :rolleyes: Congratulations to the other winners and may the next contest be filled with joy once again!
  5. may we see the numbers?
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  6. Congrats to all other winners! :D
  7. I am at home right now but I can get it when I get back
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  8. but you just said you were at home
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  9. i think she means "I am not at home..." by that lol. Maybe a typo, idk.
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  10. Yeah typing on my phone
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  11. [sarcasm]According to your totally original drawing, the actual referrals are:

    hashbrownhogger∞ and El...y...sph..ic (?):


    Envy Envoi EnvoyDragon:
    Great work! now to devise trick plan in dashnet forums
  12. What? Lol. I was on ich and quit 1/4 of the way through, and i got second place? I am very surprised.
  13. Let me phrase it this way. I only did worked on earning a place for this month on June 30th. And I got 3rd for referrals, second for clicks. :p Anything can happen. XD
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  14. LOL. I won? Nice!
  15. Was there any surprise in FDNY21 getting first again? Lol:)
  16. So i defienitely passed out last night when i got home from pure exhaustion...
    Here are those numbers

    FDNY21 - 32
    hahhog3000 - 18
    EnvoyDragon - 10

    FDNY21 - 25
    IceCreamHorse - 6
    Hashhog3000 and Elysphic - 3

    Please note that clicks are based on NEW users that come onto the site. If they have been to before, then it will not count toward the contest. Also, referrals that link to your ip are not counted for either. Keep this in mind for the Month of July.
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  17. I was not expecting to get so many! Thanks for the numbers krysyy, good luck to everyone next month :)
  18. Don;t forget that you also get 20,000 for every 5 people you referred. 120,000 will be heading your way when I get home tonight.
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  19. wooOOOOOOOoooOOaaaAaaaAAaaaahhHHhhhhhhhH
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  20. correction: 100,000r...i cannot count today
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