Redstone Consultancy [Service]

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  1. Head down to SMP3 res:6914 or do /v +redstone to come to my res. Once your at my res go to Redstone Consultancy section of my res spawn.

    Close till January but still accepting orders

    Opening Time - 1am-5am EDT ( EMC timing )

    This is the list of what I can do:
    - Secret Rooms
    - Secret Doors
    - Automatic redstone farms ( not villager farms )
    and many more :D

    As long as u need help I will do my very best to help you.
    All prices are reasonable.
    Prices will be charged on the amt of redstone used in the build, the size of the build.

    You can either use ur own book and quill ( I would return u after I build finish ) or you can buy a book n quill from the Redstone Consultancy I would return u your money after I receive the book and quill that is not signed

    msg UnthinkableName or redneckpeck (when we are online) you can ask us to help you with your redstone we are usually on from 1am-5am EDT ( EMC timing )

    Follow the format here:

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  2. Do you fix a automated storage system often? Ive got that for ya xD
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  3. yes I do fix item sorters
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  4. can you MAKE an item sorter?
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  5. yes I make em too
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  6. Just going to quickly recommend this service to anyone who needs a cheap, quick and reliable redstone builder.
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  7. Can you make one for me on my utopia residence? :D
  8. ShyguytheGamer1 go to SMP3 6914 ( Redstone Consultancy ) and make that request on a book and quill and state ur name at the end & tell me the size of the item sorter in the book and quill thank you :)
  9. Could you fix my automated furnance array? Its bit bigger than those things usually though...
  10. lemme take a look