Recent EMC Technical Changes from Vanilla Minecraft = Some Mob Farms Nerfed?

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    Looking at the old thread listed above, the EMC entity activation range for mobs in the wild used to be 32 blocks as recently as January 2015.

    According to the above link, the current EMC activation range for mobs in the wild is now 18 blocks. I cannot find any documentation to confirm it but I presume that the EMC minimum mob spawn distance is consistent with vanilla Minecraft at 24 blocks.

    My question is this, since the mob spawn distance of 24 blocks is greater than the mob activation distance of 18 blocks, wouldn't this have the effect of nerfing a small, mob spawning platform that functioned on mob movement? I am in the process of creating a witch farm using a tripwire hook activated system that would cause any that spawn at the former witch hut location to fall 32 blocks to their death. However, if I am required to stand 24 of more blocks away then by EMC technical guidelines any witches that spawn will not activate and therefore will not move, rendering tripwires useless unless I come within range.

    Am I seeing this correctly? If so, does anybody know of a work around? I've put a lot of effort into my project already and would hate to have to rely on manually moving back and forth in and out of activation range in order to make it functional.
  2. I think you are confusing spawn distance and activation distance. Spawn range would be between 24 and 64 blocks. Activation range is 18 or less.

    If you stay in one place, mobs will spawn in at least 24 blocks or more from you, but never move. If you do move, the ones that get within 18 blocks will try to attack you.

    That is, assuming I don't also misunderstand it. It seems like as soon as I think I do Aikar adjusts something again.

    My understanding of tripwire farms is that the mobs spawn on the tripwire and do not need to move to activate the farm. Because of that, you need to stand between 24 and 64 blocks away from your spawning platform.

    If you are using a sorter, you will also need to be within range of that to activate the redstone. I am not sure what the activation range on that is. The ones I have worked on used a drop to kill, so my afk spot was down by the redstone but still within range of the spawning platform.
  3. They do move, just really slowly.

    Normally a mob would tick 20 times a second. When inactive, they tick once per second. So what will happen is if they are on the tripwire when spawned, it might take up to 1 second for them to trigger it, and then once they are in the air, they go 'immune' and will not be subject to activation.

    However, what I may actually do tonight is make entities immune to activation range for the first 30 seconds after spawning, as its actually a good thing to get those mobs moving and killed faster for lag reasons :p
  4. I don't think I am. Mobs cannot spawn within a 24 block radius of a player per vanilla Minecraft settings. Mobs also cannot activate outside of an 18 block radius of a player per EMC technical changes to vanilla Minecraft.

  5. Correct on the spawn thing, but "Activation" means "runs at full speed". Inactive Entities are not completely dead like they are in "NoAI" vanilla mode.
  6. Thanks, Aikar. That's what I needed to know. If the tripwires can be activated by spawning alone then it's all academic from there.
  7. That's correct how I understand it. I read your original post a little differently the first time through.