Mob spawning help.

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  1. I'm about to start a pretty big setup and needed a few questions answered first.

    Basically I just needed to know:

    #1 If I'm standing on a single block whats the exact radius around me i would need to dig out and slab for nothing to spawn at all. Is it 64 block radius or 64 blocks in all directions from the 1 centre block. (Which would be 128 radius? :confused:)

    #2. Lets say I had a few mob farms within this radius (slime farm, gen. mob, etc.), what would be the max distance before the farms would stop working because I was too far from it and they become 'frozen'. (Hopefully that made sense lol)

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. You're mixing your radius and diameter. It's a 64 block radius, 128 block diameter... basically the single block you mentioned is in the middle of a big bubble up, down, side to side 64 blocks in all directions. or so I've been told. That's with the numbers you listed however I think the wilderness on the Empire servers have a larger spawn area ... 200,225-ish. Ok, so it's a bubble how big it is I am not 100% sure
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  3. I'm not sure what the exact distance is you need with respect to mob spawning but I do have a tool which can help you establish a precise radial perimeter once you find that out.

    Attached is a very simple spreadsheet which uses coordinates to determine the direct distance between two blocks. (The X & Z coordinates in Minecraft.) Once you have defined the coordinates of a central point you can use it to find out the limits of how far out you can go by inputting the coordinates of the outer edge blocks.

    Note: This is for two-dimensional, horizontal distance calculations only.

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  4. Does spawning work in a large circle? Like 60 blocks to each side and up and down? Like if I were in a beach ball in the exact center?
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  5. Yeah.
  6. Sweet!! Thank you!
  7. 1. You'll want to clear/slab 64 in each direction from your AFK spot.

    extra: Iron Farms, Nether Portal Gold Farms and Spawners do not respect the 90 mob rule, as long as you're not near the 250 total entity limit you can skip the slabbing for those.

    2. Supposedly the movement is frozen when you are over 32 horizontally but does not take the vertical into account. I suspect this may not be true though, I think it's 32 in a square. This is important where mobs need to move, without the use of water or pistons for your trap to work.

    extra: I would not put more than 1 mob farm (slime, witch, hostile mobs) in the same area. You can feel free to stack generated ones though (Iron Farms, Nether Portal Gold Farms and Spawners). I actually have a gold farm, iron farm and chicken farm together, they work fine, but it nearly shuts down the hostile mob farm I put in.

    Another note for AFK spots: Mobs will despawn after 15 seconds when out of 64 block range in a sphere from your location.