Reaspect The Bird

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  1. (No,This Thread isn't about Not eating Turkey Because Well I like To Eat Turkey too) Every Year The Adds Come Up Earlier And Earlier The Pine Scent Filling The Stores.They Even Put I Winter Holiday Decoratoins Up in October But You have To Remeber there`s a Holiday In between Its like No one Even Cares. But Things Can Change Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays and doesn't get respect so think twice before you bring out the dusty old boxes of lights and the tree they can collect some more dust it wont hurt
  2. I agree completely.
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  3. i have this thoughts also
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  4. I couldn't read it, anyone have a tl;dr?
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  5. people ignore thanksgiving by placing Christmas deco's too early(example: October)
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  6. Not everybody celebrates Thanksgiving. :)
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