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  1. So, I was happily playing minecraft, when someone (anonymous for the time being) said "Hey, this guy made Swastikas!" I was kind of shocked at first, then I visited the res, and saw he was right. In case my report didn't get registered because of the infancy of the report system, I figured I should post a pic. Here it is:
    P.S. Any mods wanting res # pm
    me. 2012-02-21_08.51.58.png
  2. Actually, you could just PM the mods, telling them about this.
    I dont know much about this, but I've heard it offends some.
  3. Its not a "Swastikas" its turning the wrong way - it means something entirely different.
  4. lol I think he was standing behind it....
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  5. To be honest, i have no issue behind this..... I know what it stands for ect.. But its their res. It's specified they can build what they want.
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  7. Well, sorry to the people who didn't think it was necessary to post this, but as justin said, some people take offence to this. Especially me since my grandparents were victims of the Holocaust.
    Didn't think about that at the time :/
  8. mmm can they be "ninja throwing stars"?
    with a fail creativity skill
  9. The wikipedia page on swastikas is really interesting, particularly the section on controversy of asian products:

    highlights the different meanings depending on where you're from. it's a shame that the symbol which had very good meanings was turned around by hitler to mean such bad things.

    i would say, it depends on the context it's used in.

    it's different to language evolving, for example the word "gay" is different today that it was 50 years ago. we can change, there's other words to mean jovial or happy. but symbols are different - imagine if hitler used a cross as his symbol - you can't really expect christians to invent a new symbol, even though the swastika has been used by other religions for 3 times as long.

    EMC seems to be mostly a western community, so I guess this must be taken into account when deciding what is and isn't offensive to the majority of the population.

    I don't know, I think in this case it was used as an offensive symbol, and I think right to ban such a person, but it still causes me to pause, commandment 6 says no discrimination, yet if there is a blanket ban on swastikas, it is essentially breaking commandment six by discriminating against religions which that symbol is important to - yet allowing christians to construct crosses.

    I don't know, it seems to me there is no easy solution.
  10. I heard of that news that has to do with this shop that was selling earrings that looked like a swastika but it actually meant another thing for an Asian culture/religion in my local news channel BUT the main reason why this is posted is who built or owns that residence should be banned. No matter what religion, ethnicity, or background this is not acceptable.
  11. well EMC terms explicitly mention swastikas as forbidden, while it doesnt for crosses... even if u took the swastike as the old cultures religious symbol is still a "design" that's not permitted in here...
  12. This isn't the first time I have seen something like this.

    Well I was /v randoming on SMP3, I found a lot like this. I PM'ed Shaun, he got rid of them, and I got a diamond pick! :D
  13. :O *Troll face: You are dead to me!*
  14. Are you saying there is something wrong with being gay?
  15. where does it explicitly mention it? it's not on the emc guide, perhaps it should be added.
  16. no, i'm saying there is a different meaning to the word "gay" for example, when i was in school and had a friend over, my grandma said "well aren't you a gay looking pair" paused then said "that meant something different in my day". true story.
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  17. I don't think the word has changed that much.Homosexuals are much happier people.
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  18. Well it just takes common sense for someone to know that they know swastikas are not allowed.
  19. And yet they are hated by most people :\
  20. Haters gonna hate.
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