Really Mojang?! Really?!

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  1. oh for gosh sakes! have they no remorse for all the mods that have to update with them and how freakin long it takes to do that!!
  2. Ugh. I will never get minimap and inventory tweaks back at this rate. :(
  3. Fortunately they will all be compatible with the server, so you don't have to update.
    On the other hand...
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  4. Exactly what has me so damn angry...
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  5. Calm down twitch. ;)
    It seems like these are generally easy to update, there may be even no compatability issues at all; you could probably join EMC as it is with 1.7.5.
  6. So, do these updates impact Dragon Tombs at all?
  7. I am actually fed up with Mojang.... Horses are nice, but they continually avoid the most blatant basic needs of the entire Adventure portion of the "Adventure" Update... A minimap and Inventory Management...
  8. All I want are notches red dragons. O3O
  9. Terraria even has a minimap and Bosses to fight. Aikar had to ADD bosses. :/
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  10. Yay! I'll get Realm where I live (Norway) :p
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  11. I have been using 1.7.2 with the Rei's Minimap 1.7.2 beta that got released on Rei's Twitter account.. The only problem I have with 1.7.2 is the random overlapping music.
  12. Doesn't play nice with Magic Launcher, Optifine or Modloader (Risugami)
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  13. I'm currently running Magic Launcher, Optifine, and Rei's Minimap just fine. If you don't need the modloader you can at least get the minimap and visual tweaks/performance booster working fine.
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  14. Links to compatible versions?
    What method did you use when you installed?
  15. That beta is supposed to be a standalone so it doesn't need modloader.. In fact modloader may be conflicting with it.. o3o
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  16. Oh. Thats news to me... I might be happy again, minus missing Inventory Management...
    I might try to patchwork it to work with 1.7.2 myself...

    I wouldn't share my "code" or github it because I don't know either one, lol. My brother might help me, if he has gotten far enough in school yet...
  17. Translation:
    Currently in beta [1.7.2]ReiMinimap_v3.4_03beta …
    Not compatible with Forge/Modloader, must be put in Jar。
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