Real Minecraft

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  1. Hey, so. This is REAL minecraft. Post pictures or gifs even videos of something or someone in or has something to do with minecraft. Make it funny, and short. Hope you guys like it.

    Credit: Element Animation, Blue Monkey, Slamacow,
  2. so so so funny
  3. I feel like this is just a thread for you to spam in .-.
  4. No. Its not! No one is even spamming!
  5. In the past hour you have made 11 or so posts in this thread. No one is spamming? I think not.
  6. Im not trying to spam. This is to make people HAPPY. Plus, i didnt post 11 things.
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  7. A thread has a purpose and is being used for that purpose. No spam here.
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  8. Well I really like them:)
  9. Wow, this is entertaining!
  10. I feel that all these gifs can be TV shows! That is my million dollar idea, a minecraft TV show... I can see it on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network.
  11. How did you make these gifs?
  12. He got them from slamacow animation videos
    Also, if you guys want real minecraft, play terrafirmacraft - it's a modpack and it's so hard )_)
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  13. I don't think they're all from slamacow. But, even then, the creators of such animations make videos, right? Not gifs.