Re-building EMC graveyard

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  1. After months of thinking about this, i have decided to build a new graveyard on my res on smp1. If you would like to see a grave there, please PM about who you would like to see on there :)
  2. Can we tell you who we would not like to see there?
  3. The leader of Delta squad (i still don't know his name :p)
    EDIT: Just got the question. No
  4. I bet nfell will be the first one there e_e
  5. 2013-03-04_21.28.51.png
    Not first, but second! First is a duper, second is a scammer, third is a duper, fourth is described in chat and fifth i dont know anything about:p
  6. Rawr! So close! :p
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  8. Yeah, he went after the LLO at one point.
  9. That time was a disaster. :/
  10. But... But... Bamboo...
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  11. When was that? >.>
  12. Back in November, I think. The time with the TNT'd swastsika on the platform in the west, burning of Philo's tower, some houses, and other chaotic things. Lucky Pandas, Dwight (pre-mod), and Philo were able to stop the lava. :)
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  13. Oh, yeah, Dwight told me about that, it's actually still on my profile wall haha >.>
  14. Make sure to include 621op and he who shall not be named (starts with a copher and ends with a field)
  15. Wait what? It sounded like you said Copper Fields?
  16. Not sure if trolling.......

    But if you actually don't know, do a forum search for Delta Team.

  17. Trolling. :p
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  18. Make a grave for me, but with an open empty coffin. Because ICC banned me for the lava wall thingy but I soon got unbanned.
  19. will he who likes cake get a spot?
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  20. Zombie! :eek:
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