Raw fish in the /shop?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by margaritte, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Earlier today I tried to buy some raw fish in the /shop, but all I found was cooked fish. As buggy as fishing is in the Empire, I would be willing to pay the exorbitant shop fees! Can we get them in there?

    If anyone has mastered the art of fishing in SMP, I would love to take lessons from you or buy your catch ;)
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  2. Yeah fishing is so glitchy in SMP. I only caught 9 fish before deciding to give up and hoping it was enough to tame my two eggified ocelots, pity they despawned before the became adults.

    I will now wait until the reset (if it happens).
  3. Good thinking Margaritte! We didn't imagine anyone would have a use for the raw meats when we initially set up the shop, but now raw fish has a use so that one will definitely be put in there... and possibly also the others just in case... if there's room.

    We have some other items that need to be added to the shop as well, so raw fish will be made available when we do that shop update. That should get done in the next couple of days.

    Until then... it sounds like there's potentially some big money to be made fishing. :D

    EDIT: Also, ocelots will be made available for purchase at the Empire Shop in that update as well.
  4. I know the feeling. I caught eight and fed 4 each to my two kitties, and it wasn't enough. I called over a cat-sitter and went off in search of more. While I was gone, the server crashed, and POOF they were gone :(
  5. oh bad luck :(

    just so you know, you don't have to wait until their adults to tame, you can tame them as soon as they come out of the eggs (only if they're not in running away mode)
  6. That's good to know! I just assumed that one had to wait until they were grown to tame. If I can ever get enough fish, I will tame the babies. How many fish did yours take?
  7. i wasn't counting, the first one might have taken 1 or 2, the second one took more 4 or 5 perhaps. now that i got two tamed, all the babies come out tamed, so havent needed to tame anymore :)
  8. Raw fish has been added to the Empire Shop, right next to the empty Ocelot cage.

    Ocelots have not been added yet. It may still be a few days before that and the other new stuff is added.
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  9. Yeah, I spawned two Ocelots and then got d/c (hotel connections FTL). By the time I returned it was time to make (yet) another trip to the jungle!

    P.S. The raw fish in /shop seem too cheap to me considering how hard they are to farm.
  10. Ahhh...Jeremy still didn't update the shop yet.Do you have any idea what price people are buying jungle saplings for?lol
  11. I've been thinking about (and not acting on it because I'd rather be out adventuring than doing something really simple) setting up a few shop chests on my lot right next to the SMP6 shop (where I currently have almost nothing but what I like to call the Eyefull Tower) with one chest full of cheap fishing poles, and other chests with signs to buy and sell raw fish. I think the biggest thing holding me back is that I don't know what permissions it will give everyone if I give them the USE perm which is the one I think they need to fish in my waters.

    I'm gladly sharing this idea because it would be nice to see fish markets throughout the Empire. And it would give people a chance to make a few Rupees as well.
  12. One reason fish is so inexpensive at the Empire Shop is because fishing in smp is extremely glitchy... to the point of being functionally broken.

    I spent 15 minutes fishing on smp1 at near full capacity and caught 6 fish. Due to the lag, I failed to click at the right time roughly 4 out of 5 times when the bobber went down... it really should have produced a fish every time, but the clicking and bobbing are out of synch, so there's no way of telling when you really should be clicking.

    Conversely, I spent 15 minutes fishing on single player and caught 29 fish. And I only missed one by clicking at the wrong time during that entire session (I wasn't paying attention).

    That was one of the most boring 30 minutes of my life, and the half of it spent on smp1 was very frustrating as well.

    So since fishing in multiplyer is severely crippled, we figured we might as well make raw fish available at a lowish (for the Empire Shop) price so people can actually have access to them without having to try to use something that's broken and frustrating in order to get them.

    I know this has the effect of making player fish shops less viable, but it seems to be the right choice in the bigger picture seeing as how the sudden usefulness of this item is way out of balance with how difficult it is to acquire (in light of the fact that raw fish is meant to be fairly easy to acquire).

    What does everyone think? Does this make sense?
  13. Yeah fish are hard to fish because of the lag, but they are not that rare, keep 'em cheap

    What section are fish in?

    Oh in the center >.<
  14. I was going to ask about this so yes it does :)
  15. It makes perfect sense, although I still might make a fish market just for the fun of it. I'm not really all about the Rupees anyway.
  16. How much r they anyway? Im still workin n cant check :(
  17. 10 rupees each i just bought 20 lol
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  18. Nice, ty!
  19. No problem if it helped, drop a like!
  20. That's not (just) the lag. The main reason is that the client is firing the singleplayer effect, too. And if you react to that one, there won't be fish.

    Update: There is a mod that fixes the client, but I'm not sure if it's a case of "unfair advantage"...