[Rant?] Roblox 3.0....

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  1. "We are soon going to change the default appearance of new players to have a slightly more modern and complex appearance. All the items that make up these new looks are available for free for everyone right now, new member or old, so if you’re looking for an arm with a hand or nice denim jacket, you can pick one up at no cost!"

    "Change the default appearance of new players"

    Which is basically saying instead of having people walk around like this

    (Ignore my boring suit, Im in one of those moods)

    We can have people walking around like this!

    And it's not just my depressing suit

    I can't even

    I would rather have new players (of which Roblox is getting more of) to walk around looking normal then looking "modern and complex"

    If this is new technology then I worry for the internet in general

    Edit: And best of all! It's free for everyone!
  2. People still play this game? :confused: I thought it died the same way Runescape did.
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  3. I don't play Roblox, I've only seen other people play it, so brace yourself for possible stupidity. What's the difference other than the face expression?
  4. Absolutely nothing.
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  5. Will they get such a stupid face when they start? Like, will they not get a normal face any more? Wait, I got to check this out. (Cookie clicker messed up my plans for tonight anyway)
  6. It did die....
  7. That's one of the creepiest faces I've ever seen. :p
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  8. Good :3
  9. Why :3
  10. Boring gameplay, mostly mindless community of 5 year old children, more boring gameplay, rubbish levels, and more boring gameplay. Did I mention this game has a lot of boring gameplay?
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  11. "hello how may I help you"
    sorry i stole your joke i had to
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  12. Nah, ROBLOX is completely alive still, you could say it's growing some more. It's pretty fun if you hang out with people in groups and the such.
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  13. Well... They have Oldschool.

    But it's dead though... They average 80-100k players and 50% are probably even bots. Nowhere near what it had like 8 years ago. I remember seeing 200k-250k players online on regular basis

    RIP D:
  14. Yes, you did mention the boring gameplay. The gameplay is made by the community though. If you want, you could make a place with exciting gameplay. If it doesn't involve killing people, I might even visit your place! Roblox is to the day still more customisable than minecraft I think.
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  15. Oh good lord, this game is bad. Bad. Bad.
    No offense to you, but it seems like the entire community is made up of nothing but "LOL LE9GAGMASTERTROLLXXXDDDDD" people or "emo"s
    Not to mention, the game is un-optimized and runs like crap. AND the servers are laggy as balls.
    Plus, it's just not fun. At all. I mean I guess if you're into roleplaying it can be, but there's hardly any real gameplay.
  16. i remember my 8 yr old step-nephew playing it a few years back i was like meh looks like the lego game but with annoying kids yelling everywhere
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  17. Also, the community is what makes the game bad. Their levels are mostly rubbish. And also, nope. You have to pay a monthly fee to make levels... in Minecraft you pay £17 once for a lifetime of making things.
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  18. That's what I always REALLY hated about the game. The biggest problem is the community, obviously, but you have to pay for EVERYTHING. Okay, so let me put it in perspective for those who dont know.
    You get 10 tickets per day. You can turn those 10 tickets into 1 robux, which is the real-money money. All of the hats cost 40 robux or more. So, if you want one cheap-ass crappy looking hat, it would take you more than a month to get it.
    Or, you could always spend $200 on a lifetime OBC membership.
    Seriously, it's worse than Team Fortress 2. Except Team Fortress 2 is actually a good game.
  19. and TF2 is the #1 war themed hat simulator
    don't insult TF2
    *adds to hitlist*
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  20. It actually is fun :)
    When playing survive the disasters (the one that started out with like 70 and has over 90 now, the well-known, good one) with some real life friends you actually have lots of fun :D

    Oh, and you can actually make places without paying real money. People just won't be able to find them searching for games.