[Rant] Residence Tag Abuse

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  1. I'm sure we've all had that time we want something fairly quickly and either the usual mall we go to is out of stock or we just want to try and support smaller shops that don't get as much business as they might deserve. Whatever your reason, you probably have ended up attempting to use the /v +[tag] command to find a lesser known shop that either has what you want or is worthy of your business. As you went to attempt and find a lesser known shop that has what you want with high ambitions, you probably realized that the /v +[tag] command is virtually useless due to the community of, dare I say it, noobs, ruining it. The /v +[tag] command will, in all likelihood, bring you to either:

    a) A blank residence (Yes, I've seen it before)
    b) A residence that has no shop at all
    c) A residence tagged as a mall that has only a small amount of items
    d) A residence hopelessly out of stock
    e) A residence with a partially built structure/no structure and a glaring "WIP" sign

    If you're lucky and have won the lottery, you might land yourself onto what you were looking for and carry about your day. If the odds have transpired as predicted, then you'll find yourself on one of the above outcomes.


    /v +[tag] is a crowd-sourced command. It finds you (in theory) what you're looking for by searching for your input in a database of entries that were collected by players setting tags on their residences. There is absolutely no governing body or committee overseeing the usage of residence tags, and thus it's come from being fairly useful from the time it was released to now being arguably worthless unless you've got a serious amount of time to waste.


    The issue, if you somehow aren't aware of it, is that a lot of players are setting the "mall", "shop", and similar tags on their residences for basically no reason. Part of this is related to the "lack of completion" crisis on EMC that I'll probably do another rant on sometime if I feel like it. In short, it's our problem with, dare I say it once again, noobs viewing the few successful malls out there and putting forth their miserable effort to replicate what they find.

    These people, the vast majority of which are new players that haven't been around for too long, make extremely small shops or no shops at all, but feel like they are (sounds weird, I'll explain it). When a player begins making a shop, a troubling population of them decide to set their tags before they do either very little or anything at all. For example, let's imagine you're new and aren't accustomed to the tradition 'cycle' of the average EMC player. You think that you're going to build a huge shop and it won't be very difficult and everyone will love it, right? So you go ahead and set your tags, /res tag add mall and /res tag add shop. You hope people will find your "soon to be" shop in this way and it'll give you more exposure. Little do you know how much damage you just caused. Not in that setting the tag beforehand is a huge deal on its own, but when everyone does it, it adds up to be a huge deal.

    Once this new player has their brilliant "cannot possibly fail" spark of a business plan, they set their tags and begin working on it. This will usually end in a few possible cases.

    a) Said player will find that they're in over their head and bail. This is fine if they removed the tags they already set, but either they forget about them or they just don't care about what they're doing and leave it there anyways just for lols. If you do this, you are the ultimate toxicity to the tagging system and I hope you realize the supreme amount of damage that has been done to the command due to people that leave shop and mall tags on their residence with no shop and/or mall to be found whatsoever.

    b) Said player will make a very small shop and leave the tag "mall" on their residence. The tag "shop" should be cool to leave on any residence that sells nearly anything, however, people who search for "mall" are probably looking for either a place to sell their own items to or a place that carries a wide variety of items. Leaving the "mall" tag on your shop that sells carrots and seeds does nobody any good. By doing this, players will teleport to your residence with /v +mall, and they'll have teleported to a shack that sells cakes and enderpearls. Once again, leaving your residence tagged as a mall does nobody any good whatsoever since your 'customer' will walk away with nothing besides a bad taste in their mouth and you won't be getting their business anyways.

    c) Said player will actually build the complete vision they saw in the very beginning, but to an extent. The player would build up the residence to be either a "shop" or a "mall", whichever it's tagged as, but they would leave it hopelessly out of stock or leave it poorly maintained. If you have a full structure built and have a shop sign for 80% of all the items in Minecraft, that's great, but it does nobody any good whatsoever (including the shop owner themselves) if less than 25% of the chests are actually stocked. By doing this, players will teleport to your residence with /v +[tag], and they'll be left disappointed to see you have nothing in stock and it'll likely leave a bad taste in their mouth for the future.


    In conclusion, WIP residences ARE NOT shops. WIP residences ARE NOT malls. Do not tag them as such! If you know that your residence is a shop but not a mall because you target a niche category of items, then don't tag it as a mall! If you build a mall but you know it yourself that it's not worthy of being considered in working order, do us all a public service and don't tag your residence.

    I doubt that this post alone will cause any mending to the atrocity of the /v +[shop/mall] command, but maybe it'll raise awareness to the issue and you might recommend people you see to not tag their residences unless they have a maintained shop worthy of said tag.

  2. This reminds me of when fairshop was still on smp8 (before an evil evil person forceclaimed it). Everyone knew the tags for fairshop, /v +fs or /v +fairshop. Anywho, another player ended up using the fairshop tag for their much smaller/way less stocked shop. But yeah, I haven't used the shop or mall tag probably in over a year because I always ended up on an empty residence or one where you couldn't find the actual shop.
  3. Wasn't there a thread already suggesting a solution and already implemented for this issue you have?
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  4. You can always report them for misuse of tags...
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  5. I've given up using the +mall and +shop tags. I just go to a well known mall instead. If that place doesn't have the items I either go farm them up myself or just wait until the owner restocks.
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  6. Do you (or anyone for that matter) know of a precedent where the staff will actually do anything? I always remember them kinda saying "oh well" and repeating that it's a crowd sourced command that they won't change. Maybe that's changed recently?
    I don't believe any effective solution was actually put into place.
  7. I never had trouble with staff dealing with tags ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Still.. To repeat and claim up all of the incorrect tags out there would be a huge chore.

    Plus, that doesn't do anything about the people that classify their terribly stocked or not stocked at all residence from being a 'mall'.
  9. A chore that we as staff would need players to help with. Like letting use know when there is not a mall there.

    However, a terribly stocked mall is still a mall it just doesnt have what you want. Some people are okay going two or three places looking for their wants and needs. Some people are elitists and have to have it right now at the ease of a /v +mall.
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  10. *Removes all tags on shop* Heh, I agree :D
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  11. a lot have been cleaned up in the past month but ya there are still some it took me 4 hours to find the promo i wanted ;-; a 2015 headless horseman mask 4 hours i could have did a reverse auction and got it in less. every shop was empty, out of stock, or so over priced that it was not worth it 1 shop was 88k 0-0 the /v 4005 thank heavens a real promo shop *claps as my 4 hours of searching were worth it
  12. there was a thread m4nic started about this. staff said if you reported a residence staff would investigate it and remove tags
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  13. i think they need aa qualification ex 25 is a mall and lower is a shop
  14. Should have went to /v 1148 for promos