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  1. This is a rant about people who want to be moderators. I do not want anyone's feelings to get hurt because of what I say, so if you do find something offensive in what I write here, PM me and I will edit out or change that part. No, I will not ask for this thread to be closed because you just don't like it, but, I feel like everything needs to be said.

    Our discussion begins with our awesome staff :D
    They do a wonderful job at everything they do, and I am very happy that they are moderators :)
    They work hard at tracking greifers, robbers, and hackers, and also moderate not only the site, but, also chat. I have talked to a lot of moderators about what they think about being a moderator, and almost all of them (that I talked to) have said that it is a bit hard, and can be stressful at times. They have to help almost everyone, even by temp banning people in an argument.

    Now, a lot of people who aren't moderators, want to be one. In fact I wanted to be one, before I heard what the current staff had to say, and I really reconsidered if I could even do it, let alone want to anymore. But, others still want to be one, because they help in the community and are just great players. Well, the staff really likes seeing you helping and playing with friends, and is thankful for that, but it doesn't mean you are cut out to be moderator, or will get that as a treat for being good.
    It means you are loyal to the server, and can have that satasifaction.

    A few people don't think the current way of becoming a moderator is fair, but it is actually one of the fairest possible, and it has worked so far. If it were to be a popular vote, AZhamster, might have never became a moderator, and he is active in the community, not on the forums, but on the servers. People popular on the forums would become moderators if it were up to a community vote.

    Now, I don't want to be a moderator at all anymore, but, it doesn't mean I can't be one. JackBiggin did not want to be one for some time, and he decided otherwise later, becoming a moderator :)

    If you want to add onto this rant go ahead. Just try to be nice when saying it.
  2. 1 wud wantz to b3 admin becuz I gri3fed!!!11!!!

    Nice thread btw. xD
  3. The biggest truthful statement I have seen in years.
  4. I completely agree, a lot of people don't realize all the hard work that the staff team put into EMC to make it run smoothly and become the great server that it is. I think a lot of people just want to become a moderator because they have the green name and the ban hammer a long with loads of other stuff, some people are also power hungry, they feel that they need to be in control of things (which may or may not be their fault) As a admin on another server, I see A LOT of moderator applications from new players that have not even been on the server for a week, but they think they 'know it all' but really, they have no idea what it entails. I think the current moderator application process is pretty much as fair as it can be, otherwise popular players would most likely be moderators and they might not be cut out for the job.
  5. Exactly :p
  6. Thanks :D
  7. I remember I sent a moderator application one week after joining EMC....and one week before the lava wall scandal. You sure dodged a bullet there, ICC :p
  8. I would love to be a mod and it is still my dream and I have to say there isn't a single false item in your article. We have great, helpful staff who I love. I have derped, been a pain and made mistakes many times. One of them is when I got stuck in endertopia and ICC personally guided me out. The staff are great, the method of choosing them is sound and I hope one day to be one with them. Until then or if it even happens we have the best mods, staff, and admins in the minecraft community.
  9. Indeed.
  10. Well, there is no problem with you wanting to be one, it's just for people to expect to become one...
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  11. Take it from my firsthand experience, this isn't the J-O-B for everyone. The job is not one that pays financially; rather your reward is having the monthly fee waived on Diamond for your account and the pleasure of contributing to the growing EMC community. The job requires extensive time, knowledge, experience, patience, and personnel management skills to be performed properly and effectively. The job will test your dedication to Minecraft itself. However, in the end, this job was satisfying. I made friends, learned new things, found a hobby, overcame my depression, and overall felt a level of satisfaction not found since serving in the 82nd Airborne Division.
  12. People that expect to become mods are in my books the one that shouldn't, they have a very select and amazing process at selecting mods that as stated above works.

    If you think you should become a mod simple because your helpful your wrong, in fact your of more use to the community staying a normal player and continuing to be helpful for the reasons as stated above. ill state them again for the people that may of missed them

    1. it is stress full
    2. time consuming
    3. dont get much me time on emc
    4. the green name attracts every one and can be overwhelming
    5. need to have the right stuff

    so if you happen to read this and think you should become a mod based on " your helpful " then keep doing just that it helps mods and admins when the regular player do their job in reporting the going on's of emc. they cant do their job to it's fullest with out the helpful players
  13. Bump. Loving the feed back on this.
  14. Agreed.
  15. I came for the poll..:3
  16. What I know about moderating:

    A while back (before I joined EMC) I ran a server (not running anymore) for my brother's friends (10-12 year olds) now lets just say 30% of EMC are that age range ( IM NOT SAYING THIS IS AN IMMATURE AGE OR A BAD AGE ). Everyday, I have one of my brothers friends saying they wanted mod or admin or stuff that was stollen. Everyone thinks "oh being Admin or Mod is so fun!" Yeah it's fun 10-15% of the time, but the rest is listening to people's issues and not fun crap.

    Being mod has its advantages but it also comes with work. Being mod is a job, you have to do this and that to stay mod.

    Every job has its fun and hard parts
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  17. My 2 cents; at one point every mod wanted to be one. I don't see an issue with it, just as long as they do a good job.
  18. If you don't have a good selection process like EMC, you'll end up like my friends server and you'll have the head admin deleting spawn etc...

    I'm currently admin on another server, and the work involved is immense, and the server isn't even open >.>
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