[RANT] Is it just me, or do all sd cards suck.

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Do you kri evry tim?

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  1. Literally, 100% of my SD cards I have ever owned, broke around the 5th time I used them.

    First, I got a Micro SD!! I bought it with my own money. In, boom put stuff on it, repeat over and over, until... BOOM :"You need to format your SD card (PS It'll wipe your card)". So like the boss I am, I'm just liek "nope brah" and click cancel. Nothing is there, and it tells me I need to format, AGAIN. So I think "k fine if i need to... :mad:". So formating..... Boom: Error message "U skrub, u need to format m8! :p" I'm all like. "Bruh nope" And I left, then I find that card now and again, and then I try to use it. Then I remember...

    Story two: "K brand new 32gb SD card! great replacement!" In, fun, ETC. Repeat a few times. Figure it'd be a great idea to get homebrew, so I stick it in, format it because I don't give a shrek what is on that card, then BOOM I have 29.5 MBs of space. Immediately go to the internet: Smart people saying get this formatter get that linux thing. The dude says "It didn't work" then the smart internet forum people say "there is no solution, go pay another 20$ cause we're rich and $20 means nothing to us and I am starting to sound like Dr Evil in my head (can you tell I'm angry yet?). Well anyway. The internet said there isn't a fix. I gave up. The end. Please help me... i kri evry tim. (Oh BTW homebrew didn't even work .________________________________________.)

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  2. it's just you
  3. I am going to give a wild guess and say that your card has some weird partitions. Likely, Windows only sees one partition on your memory card and is ignoring all of the other ones. Not sure if you saw this, but this site seems to offer some sort of sd card formatting utility. Also, try opening up disk manager (right click on the start button and choose disk manager) and see if the sd card is listed there.
  4. It shows it, but there is only the one 30mg partition
  5. You should try repartitioning it. There is a chance that Windows is just being derpy and can't see the rest of the sd card. I personally have never partitioned an sd card but the site I linked might be able to help you.