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  1. Er. So. This is a rant, targeted at the government. You may think that this is a rant at the US, but no, i'm having a rant at the UK Government.

    We're basically being controlled by dictators. They think they know what's best for everyone and the new laws they're introducing are absolute crap. And i'm voicing alot of people's opinions here... so... let's rant on!

    4 years ago in 2010, the last UK general election was held. All candidates drew, so the UK being the UK, we held a randomized winning thingy. David Cameron, leader of Liberals, won. Which means liberals are in control of the UK and I know, I hope, they won't be re-elected this year.

    What I am annoyed about is the new education stuff being introduced. My age is affected by this. In September, I start Year 10, and instead of doing my GCSEs throughout Year 10 and Year 11, I will do them in May 2016 (I believe...), in Year 11. By this time, I will have forgotten most of what I was taught in Year 10.

    The next thing is I am now going to graded in 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9, instead of A,B,C,D,E, and F. This number crap is unnecessary and complicates things and I prefer having letter grades.

    The next thing is that they are trying to make school hours last 9 hours from 9am - 6pm. Nobody gets a say in this. This will destroy my people like my mum's jobs, and tire kids out. Oh, and the teachers. They are using "It will keep them off the streets" as an excuse. This PUNISHES people like me, who don't even go outside at all, because of the actions of chavs and Governments who like to BS people.

    See, they're ALWAYS pushing 'GET YOUR KIDS OUTSIDE' and then they want to introduce the stupidest, most contradicting changes ever. As I said, not even the teachers get a say in this. They went ahead and pushed out that number grading thing and the clump of GCSEs at the end of Year 11 without even asking anyone. These changes go ahead in September.

    So basically, 2014 NEEDS to be a liberal-elected free year otherwise I hope riots happen and I get to leave this country that will be a bigger crap-stain than it already is.

    While I like what's happening with our economy and how we're rising to be the world's top superpower by (I believe it is) by 2020 I DON'T like what's happening with our education and I want it to stop and I wanted this off my chest.

    If a kid who is 3 months away from being 14 can make better decisions than an entire government made up of mature adults (besides Boris Johnson) we seriously need to sort our damn Government out.


    Coming whenever the EU pulls my strings again; a rant on the European Union and why I hate them and why it should die!
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  2. You complain you get too much homework, well, if you did the homework, you wouldn't forget any of that stuff.
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  3. Politics threads will be shut down if they turn into attacks and/or flame wars. This is a friendly warning.
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  4. Homework is unneeded. In the UK, most of it isn't anything to do with classwork anyway.
  5. You have E's in Britain? Our school system is so bad they forgot a letter of the alphabet *sarcasm*. I was wanting to move to britian and I have a family friend. He was a former Buddhist monk, professional artist, and interesting guy. He was born in the u.k. and he was talking about how corrupt the government is. I consider myself a liberal and believe in the basic idea's that surround the party, it is the people in office that ruins them (this applies for U.S. and the U.k.). I do not understand the terrible number grades but what I am seeing is nothing to be too mad about in my opinion.
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  6. eee
    6 hours?! That's a bit crazy... Though the numbering grade systems sounds neato.. (I dunno, I get a number 1 because I got a good grade? :p )

    EDIT : My bad, I mean 9 hours. That's crazy!
  7. Not even the 9 hours of school + homework?...

    I don't really consider myself a liberal. What they're supposed to do, I like, but they don't live up to those 'standards' and I would very much like Labour to be elected again this year. I don't entirely support Labour and what they did to the UK from 2007 - 2010, but I don't like what the Liberals have done since 2010 either...
  8. We already have 7 hours, they want to make it 9 hours though.
  9. Suddenly the U.S. doesn't seem so bad. Sorry soul, that 9 hours of school crap sounds like hell. Good luck though. *13-year-old salute*
  10. Yea at least you are getting a education and bright future compared to some people in the world who would give their left arm to have something that you taking for granted. It might look stupid now but maybe in 10 years or so you will understand why they did it.
  11. You think you have it bad... Common core in the US is hell...

    I do feel sorry though. I have a friend who is an exchange student in England at the moment, I play other games with him. He said over steam voice chat yesterday... "I hate England."

    I can see where he was coming from.
  12. They might as well serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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  13. Yes, because wishing your country descends into anarchy because schooling might change is a great thing to wish for. Look at Ukraine, and see how those mass riots are going for them.
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  14. No, the mass riots are just Vladimir Putin having fun...
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  15. To 6pm, that's long :eek: When do you eat? The longest we have to go is from 8:10 to 17:00.
    Also, do you not get homework? I guess there would not be any time for that when you come home past six.
  16. It's not just students though. If these changes go ahead, the teachers will leave. Teachers have social lives too, and they want them, so they will leave. I don't get an education anyway. All my teachers do is tell my class to shut up, but my class are all chavs, so they don't shut up. They do what they want.

    9 hours of school is stupid. My 40 year old mum and 43 year old dad agree too. As does my 64 year old grandad.

    England had rioting going on in 2011 over a tiny little thing. If a big thing like this happens, then yes, there will be definitely be riots if millions of people riot over someone getting shot to death by the police...
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  18. I agree to an extent, the politics of the 3 main parties and even UKIP, the protest vote, is unambitious and uninnovative. I believe this could have been solved if the AV referendum from the Liberal Democrats got a Yes vote a few years back, but unfortunately it didn't, because the public wasn't educated enough on it. Because we have no AV, the current voting system we have, First Past The Post, means that the entire political system will be biased towards two parties, and you won't have as much choice as you would with AV, where you can vote for multiple people by ranking them in order of preference. This video explains more.

    Not quite true. The candidates did not draw, the situation was that no party had the majority of the seats, meaning no party could have complete control of the government. This is called a hung parliament. There was no randomised winning thingy, the parties of Parliament went into negotiations. There were many possibilities; a Lib Dem/Labour coalition, a Conservative/Labour Coalition, or a Rainbow Coalition, made up of the Conservative Party and all the tiny parties, like the DUP in Northern Ireland and the Green Party. But the possibility which came to fruition was a coalition government between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats, which cooperatively decided on the government's policies. Also, there's no such thing as 'liberals', they ceased to exist when the Liberal Democrats came into existence; the UK is now ruled by a coalition, but mostly the Conservatives. One last thing; there is no election this year.

    That's what we do in Northern Ireland, and it's not all that bad. You sound a lot like a conservative, wanting to keep things the way they were, rather than embracing change. If you're so concerned you'll forget what you were taught in Year 10, why don't you revise it?

    I think this is a minor change, just remember that 1 is best, and 9 is worst. Not that difficult to cope with.

    I think you'll find that if you're in school longer, your mum will be able to work more, meaning a higher income and quality of life for you and your family. As for the issue of school tiring kids out, I have to agree with you on that, but why shorten school to fix that when we can make school more engaging and stimulating for the pupil? Here's a video illustrating what I mean. It's a bit long, but you'll learn a lot.

    More school time will most likely mean a proportional increase of time spent in PE, and more breaks, meaning more physical activity. I believe this will lead to a decrease in obesity rates, because with those extra 3 hours, the majority of children are not getting outside and active, but if those are re-allocated to school, we can use those hours to teach more PE.

    My beef with the coalition is that they aren't being ambitious enough and not driving innovative reform in places like education, justice, and the economy. What we're seeing in terms of the coalition's work in education isn't in itself bad, but it's bad that they could be doing more, but aren't, which is the issue with FPTP.

    The UK is not rising to be a superpower. In my view, the only way it can rise to be a superpower is as a part of Europe. Also, what's happening with the economy is nothing special, the government is refusing to engage with the EU to improve its monetary policy and begin a process where we can be tied closer to its monetary policy with an eventual aspiration of joining the Euro, instead trying to get us out, George Osbourne refuses to make any significant cuts to the military, because of the ideological culture in our government that it is needed for the national actualization of the United Kingdom and it is the only way we can globally project power to supposedly make the world a better place, nor is there any mention of research as a means of bringing down NHS costs. The encouragement of private pensions is also insufficient.

    Your opinion on government policy is just that; an opinion. You're entitled to it, but you cannot conclusively say it is 'better' than what these people are doing. They are all very well educated, after all, and are making these decisions on the basis of their own ideological objectives. You only believe you're more sensible than them because you have different ideological objectives and you have ideas different to theirs.
    As a disclaimer, I'd also like to let everyone know that what I am posting are my personal opinions; they have been formed with the basis of what I understand about policy and economics. There may be gaps in my knowledge, and they could easily be wrong.

    As a supporter of international integration, particularly in the case of the continent of Europe, I'd like to hear why you hate the EU and why you believe it should die.
  19. Homework is an important supplement to what one does in class. With homework, the education system is able to significantly expand the range and depth of the skills and knowledge it is able to equip you with.

    Well, most teenagers need 9 hours of sleep a day, so if you go to bed at around 11pm and get up at 8am, assuming it takes you an hour to get ready and travel to school, you have your nine hours. It is reasonably possible for you to manage your own bedtime.
    Also, the issue of boredom can be solved with that video in my previous post.

    Teachers will presumably be paid for 3 extra hours of work if these changes come into effect, which should outbalance the costs of working 3 extra hours. I say should because I assume the government will pay them sufficiently.
    Also, I think you'll find you probably do get an education, I sincerely doubt your teachers do nothing but tell your class to shut up.
    As for the rioting, there will not be any rioting if the government engages with citizens to a sufficient degree. If people feel listened to, there will be no riots. Even if the government ignores citizens, I still believe you can all live perfectly comfortable lives, and there will be no riots. The reason that there were riots in 2011 because the instigators believed that the police had murdered a man and got away with it; they were protesting against an authority which used its power unfairly, and they believed they could be next. Once the protests began, it turned into civil disorder, and was no longer a protest, but a national smash and grab. I do not believe this will be a repeat of the riots.

    Sorry for double post, by the way.
  20. Ok, I have just made a point to stop complaining about the US schools, until we go down the same road as you...

    No, but seriously, the school system in the western world is beyond repair. It follows the idea, the more you trough at someone, the more they will retain, and the just through so much information at us, you can't handle it. And its all about standardized tests too, so you got a 600 on your SOL, SO F***ING WHAT, ALL YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IS PASS A DAM TEST. Like Albert said, chevron is a genius, but you cant judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Say for example, when the counselor sits down with you, and asks what you want to do with you life. "Think about what your passion it" my response, Music industry (more specifically, a sound engineer). That was followed by a long lecture about how you should attend a 4 year collage, and get a "REAL" job. They tell you to follow your dreams, and then say you have to follow the "standards"

    So what if you don't what to sit behind a desk all day, and type on a computer, working your way to the "top", while raising a family in suburbia, with 3 bed 2 bath house.

    And another thing that pisses me off, the way they tell you how to think. It all just, to based on steps and thinking outside the box. Everything is based on what we know now, not tiring to imagine what else we may not know. (I think the only class i regularly use my imagination in is English.
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