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  1. So got bored and decided to host an AMA, not many people know a lot about me and I'd like to change that. :) Ask me anything, from how much I make in a month to whats my ideal volume number on my TV. I can take it so hit me with your best shot.
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  2. Which is better, evil kittens or cheese?
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  3. Cheese, I'm more of a cat guy myself.
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  4. Are you a ghost of the nether?
  5. I'm the ghost of the nether. :p Funny story about my name. I started playing Minecraft about 3 years ago and spent about 6 months on the demo world before that. On my first day I went through the game exploring and looking around, after about the 3rd run through of the demo I had finally gotten into the Nether. As soon as I stepped through I came face to face with a Ghast, it scared the living butt pickles out of me and scarred me for life. Now, I'm playing Ghast Ball with them and seeing who can catch it first. :p
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  7. Yes or yes, is fBuilderS the best?
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  8. The best at giving questions with the same answer? Yes :p
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  9. What OS do you use on your pc?
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  10. Currently it's Windows 10. I've never had anything else for my PCs.
  11. SMP9.... I know that's your main server (one of my favs. too btw!). So... Did you land there, like it and stayed or did you move or .... What is your connection with SMP9?
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  12. I landed there back in 2013. After going through the tutorial I found myself in the old shop (you know what they were like back then. It was essentially across the road from town spawn) and I bought myself 2 stacks of bones and saplings and then went to my res. I planted the saplings and then proceeded to farm them up. I began to sell my oak logs and once I made enough money I expanded to the others. A month in I switched reses, I created a flying pirate ship, an emerald shop, and a minigame called Guess the Wool. It was really dumb and I lost more than I made. Then after a few more months I created a mansion on another res. I got banned (for reasons I'd rather not disclaim here) and lost all of my stuff. 2 months went by and I appealed got back in thanks to Davie (He was still active back then believe it or not) and I building up my empire, constructed a mall, tore it down, made another, got diamond, took down that mall made a 3 res mall, took it down halfway, moved to 18312 in January of 2014, made an enchantment shop, took it down, made another mall, took it down, got a private server in April of 2015, built what is now there on it, and began construction for what I decided was my last mall. It stands, half finished almost a year later and I couldn't be more happy with it. This is just my town stuff. Maybe I'll post about my Frontier life another time. :p
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  13. lol butt pickles

    Who have been your closest members through your journey and most influential staff member(s)?
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  14. Deathtomb8953, FDNY21, Toddv and Eclipsys have been some of the most influential people who have inspired me for most of what I do, my build antics have come from Eclipsys and Deathtomb8953 and my friendliness have been amplified ever since I've met Fedny. ToddV inspires me to participate in the economy more and I hope to one day surpass him in the best mall on EMC. :p

    Staff members are different. I only talk to them mainly when they jump on SMP9 and 3/4s of the time they're on for an event or some issue for players, but I still try to get some convo in there. Since SMP9 has only 1 or 2 neighborhood mods I don't get much in but even so. Burgernight, Hashhog, The_Boulder, and Anon are the ones who've I've to the most, and have been some of the nicest people I've met on the internet. :) Of course there's still those mods that I talk to during events, but unfortunately I'm too busy to participate in many of em. All staff are nice people of course (from what I've seen on the forums and have heard in passing) I'm hoping to one day get to know most of you if not all of ya'll. :)
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