Qwerty's Industrial Digging Service

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  1. Qwerty's Industrial Digging Service
    Blocks Of Dirt Dug So Far!

    Im prepared to the the job we all hate... Digging! :eek:

    750r per 60x60x1 (750r per layer) *Price Reduced*

    50k for an entire residence.

    ***Tools Included! I use my own shovels***

    Why Should You Hire Me?
    It's very likely that you will look at my price and go do it yourself, then you'll get bored and tired and hopefully come back and give in to my prices. When you consider that 60x60x1 is massive 3600 blocks of dirt, even that is a huge undertaking.

    The Prices are non-negotiable, You are paying for a Trustworthy and Reliable member to dig on your residence who will complete the job 100%.

    Jobs that aren't a straight forward 60x60, I will happily meet you at your residence to take a look and give you a price, roughly based around 750r per 3600 blocks.

    The Fine Print:
    • I will leave your dirt on the ground. If you want it put in a chest, add 250r per layer to the price. This takes up a huge amount of my time running back and forth. However your welcome to pick it up yourself.
    • I will use my own tools. You do not need to supply tools, it is all included in the price.
    If your interested in Hiring me.
    Also any questions you have, Also PM me.

    Do NOT post in this thread unless you are giving feedback for completed jobs.
    If you do post in here, I will kindly ask a moderator to delete it.
    Remember, PM me for questions or inquiries.

    Ongoing Jobs:

    Estimated Time To Complete: N/A

    Completed Jobs:
    (# - Residence - Size - Hours Digging - Time T0 Complete)
    1. Residence 3210 - (60x60x20) - 3 Hours - 3 Hours.
    2. Residence 4243 - (60x60x9) - 1 Hour - 1 Hour.
    3. Residence 4243 - (60x60x18) - 2 Hours - 2 Hours.
    4. Residence 4001 - (60x60x27) - 3 Hours - 3 Hours.
    5. Residence 4243 - (60x60x4) - 30 Mins - 30 Mins.
    6. Residence 3273 - (60x60x20) - 3 Hours - 3 Hours.
    7. Residence 4243 - (60x60x6) - 1 Hour - 1 Hour.
    8. Residence 4243 - (60x60x6) - 1 Hour - 1 Hour.
    9. Residence 4328 - (60x60x1) - 5 Mins - 5 Mins.
    10. Residence 11149 - (60x60x64) - 7 Hours - 24 hours.
    11. Residence 11100 - (60x60x4) - 45 Mins - 45 Mins.
    12. Residence 18105 - (60x60x4) - 45 Mins - 45 Mins.
    13. Residence 4383 - (60x60x6) - 1 Hour - 1 Hour.
    14. Residence 2509 - (60x50x45) - 4 Hours - 4 Hours.

    Feedback / Customer Reviews:
  2. Bumping with awesome.

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  3. Price Has Been Reduced.
    I think this is a very reasonable if you have over 5 layers to dig out.

    Bump with awesome.
  4. This is a fantastic business... He is very trustworthy and does the job within one day...AAA++++++
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    Can dig out your entire res in under 2 hours!!!!
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  6. ^ Slightly Exaggerated.

    Bumping with Beauty.
  7. This guy is freaking amazing. I ask him then come back the next morning and BAM my res is completly dug out
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  8. This was great service. My res was dug out in no time. Great cost, no wait time, absolutely amazing.
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  9. Super quick and tolerant of stupid customer errors. There was a bit of redstone wiring where I asked Qwerty to dig (that I didn't know about) and he actually patched up the redstone correctly. A+ service.
  10. Great Service, Took him a couple days to respond to my PM, but he said he had some IRL things going on. Dug a MASSIVE Area (60X50X45ish) Charged me a bit over 30k, and i think that is well worth it :D Dug the area out in under 4 hours and i am very pleased with his work :D