Quitting, due to lack of support

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  1. I just went on a nice little mining trip, in Utopia.

    Was going fine; got a "java timeout".

    Re-connected, was in lava, "you are dead".

    Found an admin - "Green_Mystery" - asked for help. They said nothing could be done, if nobody was around.

    I had a screenshot; it'd happened less than 30 seconds ago.

    I was carrying the usual stuff, for such a trip; a fortune pick, a couple of efficiency/unrbreaking, an enchanted bow, etc.

    All gone, due to a glitch - and nothing can be done?

    No further response from the mod. And I know how pointless it'll be, trying to discuss it online.

    So, no point me paying to play here, if there's no support; I'll go elsewhere, or to single-player. Sorry.

    It was fun for a while, but with the total lack of support about things like this, the subscription is worthless.
  2. *facepalm* I hate computers... Well i guess goodbye?
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  3. I get that all the time :(
    Fortunately I havnt been a victim of it yet.

    I hope you can recognise this as a minor loss. Dont need to quit because of it. :)
  4. It's just a game -- I think of it like this, it's part of the game. Makes it more realistic. At any given moment, the administrators and staff members could reign fire and brimstone down onto the land of EMC to see how we all pull together and make the best of it! lolol. Nah, they just run around in the form of an Ender Dragon and Creeper and give away flowers. But still! You shouldn't leave because of it =)
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  5. Unfortunately you're going to find that anywhere you go...except single player of course as you can spawn your own items. This policy is one we have to hold up for everyone to avoid having to spawn items for those who claim to have had this and that without actually having this or that. Sometimes, the support answer isn't one that you want, but that doesn't mean there is a lack of support. I myself and other staff members have had the same sitautions happen to us due to the game being glitchy or laggy and we hold ourselves to the same policy and just continue the game and find new items.

    We all hope Minecraft does get better with glitches and things like that, and I hope you find somewhere that makes you happy...but if you're looking for the best support, I have a feeling you'll end up coming back after you see what else is out there.
  6. Dont quit, i have more diamonds!
  7. If you really quit after MC glitches one time, don't even come to the forums. You're saying this immediately before one of the biggest updates in MC history is released? Wow. Quitters are the lowest of the low. You say WE don't give YOU support? Its YOUR client, YOUR computer, YOUR problem. Don't talk about this server-lag BS. Its not our problem. What Green_Mystery said was right. What are we supposed to do about it? Stop the lag??? Fix a core MC glitch? Are you kidding? Maybe he couldn't help you because he COULDNT help you. Did you once think about that?
  8. I think he wanted to be reimbursed the items he lost -- but thats not something the mods normally do -- especially since it is a repetitive glitch. They would be having to do it a lot...
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  9. Thats all you lost try this I lost a diamond sword, pick and shovel also a stack and a half of diamonds and like 5 stacks of iron.
  10. Why would you ever look down upon a moderator like that? They spend their free time helping to keep this server running for people. Us donators support the server as well.

    You sir, have a computer issue. I have NEVER run out of memory on my PC. You cannot blame the Empire for this, for it is your PC specs that caused the issue. Try using Optifine, or something of the like.

    Don't take out the hatred on people who do all they can to keep the server clean.

    Clam down, eat some cake, and come back soon without this nonsense. <3
  11. Eat some warm and waffly waffles waffling with halycolgan about ISMOOCH's adoring love for sheep :p
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  13. Well I need to thank you for that amazingness!!! I sir will make you a meme for that!
  14. Even being a Mod I have lost SO much in inventory more than once. I was heart sick one night when my son lost stacks of stuff as the same result AND he had just bought 10 or 12 enchanted diamond items and lost them ALL.... they are tough but it was even worse on the MANY servers we subscribed too before finding EMC. I assure you from personal family experience... You have the BEST here! :)
  15. Here you go Frodo:
  16. Mods CAN'T even do this! We do not have this ability.... Sorry :(

    and your signature is AWESOME btw theenigma.... :)
  17. Amazing! Love it so much :D
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  18. Your son must like it that you're a mod on a MC server. Do you ever go on mining expeditions together? That must be really fun. :)
  19. We mine as a family all the time. My Hubby is here too so it is so much fun.... :) As far as the Momma Mod part.... it can be nice... BUT... he walks a very thin line... ;) Hard for a 13 year old I am sure...lol