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  1. ANNOUNCEMENT - From this point forward I am closing the shop. I will no longer take orders. Thank you to everyone who did order :)

    Hola mis amigos! Mi gato es en fuego. Anyways, greetings aside - Welcome to my shiny new graphic shop! From this point forward, I will NO LONGER accept graphic requests by PM. Please post your requests as replies to this thread ONLY. If you do request by PM, I will redirect you to this thread. I am also going to start charging rupees for my work.

    1.) Please use the form and reply to this thread when making a request.
    2.) I will try to have your graphic done within a day or two of time. If something comes up, it might take longer, but I'll let you know if that happens. Please be patient with me, perfection cannot be rushed ;)
    3.) I reserve the right to deny any requests I receive if I see it fitting to do so. If you're being a jerk to me, I probably won't make you a graphic. Golden rule :)
    4.) I can and will redo any request if you ask me to. It's your graphic, if you want something changed please do not hesitate to ask.
    5.) Please credit me if I make you a graphic wherever the graphic is at. If I make you a signature, please credit me in the signature. If I make you a logo for a thread, credit me in the thread. If I make you a tattoo, tattoo my name on it too. Just kidding, if you tattoo my name on your body, I will be seriously creeped out!
    6.) I am now going to charge for my graphics so that I don't get swamped with requests. Please refer to Pricing to know how much I will charge.
    7.) When I complete the graphic, I will PM it to you ASAP. If I like it a lot, I might even put it in my examples list.

    Signature - 500r
    Set (Matching Signature and Avatar) - 600r
    Business Request (need a logo or something else that isn't a signature or avatar? I'm your girl.*) - 700r

    *Please note - If you want me to make you a logo for your shop, or something else that is business-y, and you are planning to use it as a signature as well, I will be charging it as a business request. Don't tell me you just want a signature and then you use it as the logo for your brand-new shop. I will be very sad if you do that.

    Now the fun part! Here are some examples of my work so far.

    Text-only graphics:

    Graphics with backgrounds:

    (this one is actually my ipod touch wallpaper)

    Set (Signature and Avatar):

    (Why yes, I did trap this supercharged creeper. How? Because I'm awesome. Only more of a reason you should order from me.)

    Business requests:

    Fill out this form to make a request and reply to this thread with it. :D

    Name (the person who will be PM'd):
    Type of graphic:
    Background/extra images:
    Anything else?:

    *If you want a specific image to be used, please link it with the form under Background/extra images. Images are optional.

    **If you don't specify for something, I will assume you just want me to use some creative freedom on whatever I'm making for you.

    Here's two example forms:
    Name (the person who will be PM'd): quite_indeed
    Type of graphic: Set
    Text: "quite_indeed" on the signature only
    Font: doesn't matter
    Background/extra images: Use this one of this super awesome supercharged creeper: [insert link here]
    Anything else?: Nope

    Name (the person who will be PM'd): chickeneer
    Type of graphic: Signature
    Text: chickeneer, moderator
    Font: Minecraft logo font
    Background/extra images: Throw some Minecraft chickens in there
    Anything else?: Use red for my name, green for moderator

    Well that's it ladies and gents! Get to it :)
    Also, shout out to chickeneer for being my unofficial business partner/telling people about my work being awesome :D
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  2. Add another example! |
  3. Name (the person who will be PM'd): alex_jacob
    Type of graphic:signature
    Text:alex_jacob,well known member
    Background/extra images:emc logo's and smiles
    Anything else?:blue for my name and rainbow for well known member
  4. Alright, done! lol
    I'll start working on yours right away :)
  5. Name: dylan_frenette

    Type of graphic: signature

    Text: anything.
    Font: same as above.

    Background/extra images: an industrial, tekkit'tized, landscape. ( thats all i want :3 )

    Anything else?: can you use tekkit to make the signature? as long as it looks good. :)
  6. She created the beautiful Wiki logo... honestly, you aren't going to find better elsewhere! :D
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  7. thanks!
  8. Name: Mrlegitislegit
    Type of graphic: Sig
    Text: Wild Reach Wild Camps
    Font: Something that looks roundish
    Background/extra images: A Minecraft Mountain over looking a sea
    Anything else?: Nope.
  9. Name (the person who will be PM'd): CreppaNinga235
    Type of graphic: Signature
    Text: CreppaNinga235, Diamond Supporter, ( I know i'm not one right now, but lets look forward for supporting once again :) )

    Background/extra images: Add some charged creepers on the side of the signature
    Anything else?: Nope
  10. Why thank you! :D
  11. There's always LZBZ, but he stopped . . .
  12. That's some bad Spanish :p

    Name (the person who will be PM'd): Gap542
    Type of graphic: Signature and possibly Avatar
    Text: The one and only,Gap542
    Font: Knock yourself out, i don't really know any fonts :p
    Background/extra images: No idea either.(Could you show me one text-only and then aanother with background? thanks)
    Anything else?:I really want something that would leave me and everyone else who sees it WOW?! OMG?! This is AWESOME!, something that also looks really professional.It doesn't have to be those colours.... but I like blood red,dark red and blue.. shaders and stuff. I'm willing to pay what's supossed to pay AND an EXTRA 1-10k depending if I like it, Yes.. 1,000-10,000r(Maybe more,who knows :p)

  13. That's why my job is to make graphics, not speak foreign languages! Lol.
  14. Name: BeKaLuSa
    Type of Graphic: same as quite_indeeds, I think a set
    Text: BeKaLuSa, 540 on smp1
    Font: Same as quite indeeds
    Background: same as quite indeeds
    Anything else: can mine be exactly the same as yours, just with my text and my player holding no pick?
  15. Name (the person who will be PM'd): SoulPunisher
    Type of graphic: Signature
    Text: "iSpork" and beneath that put "Mods, Plugins, Programming."
    Font: The one used on the new EMC wiki logo for the 'iSpork' part, and it doesn't matter for the "Mods,plugins, programming" part, just keep it a simple looking font.
    Background/extra images: This: http://imgur.com/NchXi Although a crop/shrink WILL be needed.
    Anything else?: I need it to be the same dimensions as the login session image I have in my sig. Also, make it have round edges :p Also, can I have a silver rim sort of thing around the text like the rainbow melon casino does?
  16. I was waiting for this.... make mine an example ;)
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  17. Just to let you guys know where I'm at - I just got done with Mrlegitislegit's signature, and I am about to start CreppaNinga235's signature.

    Alrighty! :D
  18. That was incredibly fast.
  19. Heh, I do what I can :p

    Starting on Gap542's request!
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  20. Preparing my sig for your signature thing :p The * links to your profile page.
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