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  1. i had offending book that she donated in my shop box so how i can report this? because i am offended with some language inside the book
  2. If it was a signed book, you have the player's username, if you don't give it to staff and they will take care of it.
  3. yeah its was signed book but however this book is very offending for me because i had one before and sent back to her
    its baby book i believe
    so i wanted to hand this book to staff

    (edited out name out)
  4. Well you can use /report [playername] Offensive Text and a staff member will help you shortly :)
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  5. Just be careful not to mention names in public forums. You may want to edit your post to remove names.
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  6. thanks for great help - cause i already told her before and i believe she didnt not stop
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  7. Yeah as Mob Meal said, careful with names on public forums
  8. yes i have just edited out the name
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  9. i need staff to talk to me because someone banned me for false report or there is way to appeal
  10. There was a bit of confusion in that since your report didnt include any more details and the staff couldnt see anything in chat logs.

    The ban was lifted.
    Please pm staff with the information on the book soon as you can, and for future, please use something like "Offensive book received. Sending PM with details"
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  11. thanks
  12. Wow, harsh... Although I respect the fact that there are consequences for making false reports (there should be), I also think it's a bit harsh to ban a player for it without consulting them about their report first. Especially considering the fact that RSD seems pretty new to this, when I check his posts on the forums then this thread pops up immediately.

    I'm happy to read that it got resolved, but I'm still confused about the way this went down.
  13. Agreed w/ shel