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  1. Hey there i just started minecraft for the first time 3days ago with a friend and we were wondering if there is any way to get more horses,sheeps,cows into town ?
  2. yes; you can buy them and then breed them for more or eggify (hold a stick and right click) them in the wilderness for 100r each
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  3. Or if you save your pennies you might be able to purchase a magical eggcellent wand which gives half off the price (50r)
  4. Welcome to Minecraft! (#3DaysLate)

    On EMC you can use a stick in the Frontier/Wastelands, rightclick the animal and it will turn into an egg. This can be then placed on your residence. You can have a maximum 100 (I think?) animals on your res at one time. Do /entcount for the number of animals you have on there.

    Another way is to breed them by getting some wheat, rightclick one animal (uses 1 wheat) then rightclick the same type of animal (uses another wheat). They will then make some funky time and make a little baby animal which will grow up over time.

    Hope this helps! :)
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  5. Unfortunately it can be quite hard to find animals in the wild. Visit your local mega mall to find animal eggs, which, when placed, will spawn the animal.
  6. On EMC you can just eggify them and spawn their egg in town. In single player you can lure them with wheat.