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  1. What is the most valuable renewable resource? (list here)
  2. Obsidian, selling per. Cobblestone etc selling in stacks
  3. Coal, smelts ores, makes torches, comes, has a good smelt exchange, can be traded with villagers, powers engine carts, etc.
  4. Define valuable ... per Item? Per kg? :)
    On EMC?
    At the moment probably Whither skull. :)
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  5. He wants a price for the item that cost's the most off that list
  6. ?? We? What? Price? ??

    It seems the most valuable (per item) renewable resource on EMC at the moment it is Wither Skull. :)
  7. Reworded my post. And he wanted off that list (list here) and are wither skulls on there?
  8. But not the renewable items section
  9. If you're looking for something on that list - wither skulls are most valuable per item.

    Personally, mob drops I don't really consider as renewable in the sense that you have to go to where the mob spawns and hope. I would say charcoal is the most valuable renewable from your lot resource. Growing trees and burning the wood gets it quick.
  10. Stone and wood products are the biggies in my opinion.