[QUESTION] Why is the End Biome Unavailable in /res changebiome ?

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  1. So I came on after the update, and saw the whole /res changebiome. I currently have an "End-Themed" Residence, so I thought "Why not make it actually like the End?" Unfortunately, The End isn't listed there. Why is this? Since the whole part of obsidian pillars and the dragon lie in the End World, the only affected parts are that endermen are the only mob that naturally spawn (doesn't affect anything, we already don't have any mob spawns), along with a dark grey sky (kind of what I wanted to add more of an "End" - like effect to my residence). So why is it unavailable to us?
  2. Also I'm willing to pay 10,000 tokens instead of the usual 5k if this can be done :}
  3. Um, merely because we do not want people farming obsidian/end stone on their own res's...
    Also it interrupts the neighbourhood grass flow...
    Also, no other server lets you spawn a biome with anything other than grass/dirt/sometimes-stone on your res from /res changebiome...

    Anyway, even if you were to change it to the "end," since your res is in the Overworld, your res wouldn't change one bit since there is no such program language in minecraft to naturally spawn end stuff inside the overworld

    Edit: re-read your post.
    All you want is to have the sky changed? Then why dont you do the "sky" biome or whatever it's called? I think it's close enough. Makes your res's sky entirely blacked-out/night-sky around the clock. Though of course you can only see this once you step foot inside the res.
  4. Sky and Nether biomes have no effect, I believe.
  5. That is correct

    Any way, only Empire Owned residences can use the /res set monster true flag anyway, so there was no true use for this feature.
  6. Actually, it does have an effect: dark or red sky.
  7. The sky biome (end biome) is essentially the same as plains biome, except the sky will appear dark grey (the entire sky goes dark - but you can still see the sun)

    The hell biome has a slight redish tint, and will actually allow ghasts and pigmen to spawn...


    If you go to res 101, smp1 that residence has a sky biome

    It has no effect on the server... if anything the sky biome improved my fps - it went up to almost 700 yesterday on one of my builds....
  8. Lava will flow faster in a nether biome. :D
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  9. also water is unplaceable(don't know if EMC change this for reses)
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  10. In /res changebiome , neither sky nor hell appear.
  11. Also for whoever doesn't know this: Yes the End Biome was originally called Sky, but it was later renamed to End actually.