[Question] What is your favorite food?

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  1. So I was thinking about cooking for my family and girlfriend sometime this week and I was wondering what to make. I figured, why not ask everyone else.
    Either post your favorite meal to eat or make, post a picture, or even post a link to the recipe!

    Personally, my favorite meal to cook and eat is spaghetti! It's simple a delicious.
  2. spaghetti carbonara. Pasta with egg, cheese, and bacon. mmmmm
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  3. Bump
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  4. spaghetti bolognese or a salmon salad. i also really enjoy a spicey chilli sometimes.

    thx, now i feel hungry :confused:
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  5. You're welcome :3
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  6. You can't go wrong with a nice medium rare steak... :D
  7. True, but I almost prefer rare :p
  8. Eh, if you want it rare, you may as well just run up to a live cow and take a bite! :p
  9. Those who wants there steak well done can may as well just throw meat on the street and pee on it. Cuz it will be just as spoiled.
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  10. Probably a bit too far :p In all fairness, all steak is pretty good, but medium rare is just that point where it's the perfect balance - just right for me :)
  11. Yea...might have gone a bit far but in my opinion a well done steak needs a LOT gravy/sauce
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  12. Bump
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  13. Sushi(i like nigiri most, next handrolls)
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  14. Pizza, Fried Chicken, or Macaroni and Cheese. Not together though :p
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  15. I feel like together wouldn't be bad
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  16. A nice soup with some crispy dipping bread. Then sides are needed and don't forget the fruit salad which can be dessert or an appetizer.
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  17. Yozomi soup with noodles and floating dumplings in it
    I'm hungry now awww
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  18. Favorite food? Well... I really enjoy home made lasagna. Its an old recipe I picked up somewhere (main ingredients are leek, pork, flower and milk to get the base for the sauce). Of course the real difficulty is setting the right taste with some herbs; you get the main taste from the ingredients but also the herbs you put in. Usually I spend an easy 1.5 - 2 hours making the sauce, then putting it in a dish and then it has to bake in the oven for another hour and after all that its finally dinner time :)

    Nowadays I don't follow the recipe anymore, only the main guide (leek, milk & flower) and heavily vary on that. I especially like adding a bit more spice to it these days (Sambal Oelek) and compensating a bit for that with corn.

    Well, and I also enjoy sushi a lot. Home made sushi; my gf often makes this. She basically gets the rice and sea weed from some kind of Asian specialty store in a nearby city and heavily varies with the fish. At one time she even made "prushi" (Dutch) which probably translates to "leshi" I guess ('prei / leek' with sushi) :)

    So my favorite food would be a combination of the two :) Starting with some sushi and then later on some lasagna :)

    Only problem is that you get to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but its well worth it IMO (which is also the reason why I most enjoy this when we're together).
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