{QUESTION} What is the worst thing that has happened to you in the wild?

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  1. Recently I was in the Nether fighting withers with a god sword. Lets just say enderpearls and walls dont match up well.... So yeah i lost my god sword D: . So i was thinking, what was the worst thing that has happened to u in the wild?
  2. I was in a boat, traveling to spawn and then I started to die while in the boat...
  3. I was mining with my brother, and we both had full diamond armor and each of us had 2 brand spanking new Silk Touch picks, we had just finished mining when some jerk starts lighting us on fire, he said he didnt care he would get banned and just kept following us. We built a tower but he built one too and dumped lava everywhere.....me and my brother died -_-

    However, thanks to one of the moderators we did get our picks returned to us! as he didnt nab them before he got banned and they somehow survived the lava :D (Thank you moderators!)
  4. Heh, i remember that :3
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  5. Tried to swim in lava with 3 double chests of iron :confused:
  6. Yeah once a spider hit me into lava with a silk touch pick......Although now!! i got a new sword that is better for wither hunting so im happy now :D
  7. Died in lava cause I tried to swim out of it instead of using the stack of enderpearls I had on me, and lost 3 and a half stacks of diamond ore. Have not gone mining since :(
  8. How do you carry 3 double chests of iron?

    The worst thing that has happened to me in the wild was that I was confronted by a pvp'er. At that time I didn't know what to do and my first defense was to get my lava bucket and fight back. But my computer was laggy and the lava bucket lagged out of my inventory.... and then he killed me with my diamond armor and tools and such.
  9. Any time i go to the nether i end up lost lol, i need to go wither hunting and get one of the skulls for creeper shaped fireworks :eek:
  10. What made me not rage quit was because I had gotten one and stored it away
    OHHHHHH Ok mine looks pathetic compared to that
  11. I went mining for the first time since.......as long as i can remember yesterday lol.
  12. First time I went into the wild to gather sand, someone poured lava on me. :( I lost like 3 stacks of sand that I had collected, and I didn't go back into the wild for awhile..
  13. I like died in the wild, it was horrible... ;s
  14. Kung-Fu Piggy died after 6 creeper explosions!
  15. Going to an outpost... 13,000 blocks of ocean away.... Without a boat. Need I say more?
  16. I was mining a rail way for L9RS railway with some friends. Lava was underneath us. A creeper came out of a cave and blew me into the lava. From that point on I don't take diamond armor unless I have to. I always take Fire resistance stuff to.
  17. All of these are good...but the top one still is the 3 and a half stacks of diamond ore in lava
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  18. I tried to jump over a ravine with 2 nether stars on me and fell in lava.
  19. Ouch, next time make a bridge over xD
  20. Two bad things today, I lost two stacks of iron and a noob took them (I have no proof), and I saw below the Wild.

    Behold! What people have done to the wilderness!