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  1. Excuse me if I sound stupid asking this question but if I'm on my res does it load every part of my res, so if I have automatic farms at bedrock level in one corner of my res and im at the sky limit of my res in the other corner will it still load the farms? I'm talking about a normal-sized res here but a utopia res would be nice to know too.

  2. It should, Y doesn't matter when loading chunks, only X and Z even on SP a chunk is just an up and down 16x16 square. And I think EMC only loads 8 chunks at a time so you should be good. It works for me as well. However AFKing is frowned upon so be careful . :)
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  3. Bump. The question has been partially answered, I still want to know about a Utopia res. Anyone help?
  4. Utopia will be same as smp and for the growth of plants it will be the same as as SP world's. If you have animals then refer to the technical changes section of the wiki.
  5. No worries, there's no such thing as a stupid question :)

    Yes. There is a cap. on the total distance (all loaded chunks) and right now that cap. lies around 10 - 12 chunks. As you might know: a chunk is a 16 x 16 x 256 large area (65536 blocks). So one SMP residence will be easily loaded. Better yet: if you have 2 residences next to each other then the other will also be mostly loaded.

    Most, not all: I've noticed this on my 2 residences that the end borders of my 2nd res. aren't always loaded (I once made a construction which can turn all my beacons on both my residences on and off, but the ones in the most outer corner sometimes don't toggle; investigation shows that this is happening because part of the residence isn't loaded).

    Utopia on the other hand can be a bit of a problem. But if you plan it a bit correctly then you'd still end up with more loaded space than on a regular SMP (also because you gain the space between residences, which would normally be taken by the road).

    No, that's not entirely true.

    If you AFK on a full server (many players online) then you risk getting automatically kicked. But staff will not look down on you for it. However, you will get into trouble if you try to prevent this from happening while you're still AFK (for example by using some kind of mod or such).

    Also: if you're using mods which automatically perform tasks for you then this isn't a huge problem as long as you're not completely AFK. You need to be able to respond to PM's within 3 - 5 minutes. If you don't respond then staff reserves the right to kick you, simply because you've been circumventing the AFK system and because using automated mods isn't allowed while you're no where in sight.

    But simply going afk near a farm to keep the chunk loaded so that things keep happening (growing and being auto farmed) is no problem at all.

    Hope this helps.
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  6. Yes, it did help a lot! Thanks :)
  7. Ah you're correct, I misread the rules as it being against the guidelines (not really rules, hence the frowned upon) to AFK on any server. However it seems I was in the wrong on that and thank you for setting me straight. :)
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  8. Do you know the timer for the auto-kicks?
  9. The Auto Kick is around 5-10 mins, Not sure of the exact time, But the server has to have more than 32 players on one SMP/Utopia for the timer to start...
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  10. Thanks!