[Question + Poll] 1.9 and Ender Dragons

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EMC Dragon respawning?

Yes! 6 vote(s) 46.2%
No! 7 vote(s) 53.8%
  1. So, as we all know in the current snapshots of 1.9 you can respawn the Ender Dragon by creating a creeper face out of clay (temporary last I've heard). I've never heard any true discussion about this matter and how EMC will deal with this.

    Will EMC allow for players to naturally respawn the Ender Dragon and ultimately destroy the Dragon Egg market, or will EMC prevent us from doing so?

    I'll leave this thread here for you all to discuss =)
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  2. Odds are, yes. Hopefully they will spawn protect the main island making it impossible.

    Oh and you respawn it with end crystals on the portal back.

  3. If you spawn 1 ender dragon after you have killed the first one will NOT replenish the egg. That is the only egg you will get.
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  4. This. But I do wonder that since you can get Ender Crystals that the demand to buy them from the original owners will go down.
  5. Yeah, true true. Is that a good thing...?
  6. Not sure. Yes for those that want to make great looking builds, bad for original dragon egg owners as I doubt anyone would pay that "I have compressed air for a brain" sort of price tag that has been going around if they can just get an endercrystal by killing that mob.
  7. It's also craftable.
  8. Oh I just saw that.. That's not even expensive to craft. Making several stacks of those and killing the enderdragon over and over would actually be an excellent XP source.
  9. Does setting the Vanilla Gamerule: Mob Grieving/Griefing to false prevents the Ender Dragon from destroying terrain?
  10. Yes
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  11. Good. Then if this can be applied to EMC, it shouldn't be a problem to re-summon the Ender Dragon.
  12. I'm not sure but I think that this won't be allowed. Not only because of the non-resetting approach of the End but it would also interfere a bit with Dragontombs (or so I think).

    So I guess that this will probably get blocked. Also to make it a bit more special (I just learned how easy it is to make those end crystals now, so if they would allow this then I think we'll have Enderdragon fights going on a lot which would defeat the purpose of having a special fight a bit).

    But I also think the new End could open up new opportunities as well. I could imagine that with all those small islands EMC could turn the End into a true Frontier-like area. So: everyone can claim their own End island, no matter how large or small. You can travel there using those End teleports (or maybe the devs. could come up with something cool).

    Then, a few generations / cycles (weeks / months / etc.) later, we might be able to move the most important End buildings onto the outer areas as well. Which would leave the main area open for stuff and destruction.

    I could imagine the End becoming even more special: the main land which is a free for all (also usable for End dragon fights) and which gets reset just as the wastelands, while the outer areas stay just as they are: non-resetable.

    Might even open up the room one needs for dragon tombs a bit more.

    Obviously just my 2 cents / fantasies / etc.
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