[ Question ] How do you get the title Well Known Member as I am well known.

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  1. I just want to know how to get the title.
  2. Earn trophy points (I think it's 48). A Wiki page is coming soon on how to earn all titles, so keep looking for that. :)
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  3. OK thanks
  4. The page will be posted within 24 hours. That was my job, but my computer hasn't been returned from HP yet. Anyhow, as PenguinDJ said, you collect trophy points. For a full list of trophy points, click here. He is also right that you need 48 of them. On a related note, do you remember how many trophy points it took you to get active member?
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  5. I had to get 48
  6. It used to be how long and often you posted on the forum and that jazz.
  7. Should be done by followers
  8. Want to follow me then?
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  9. No, you won't get trophy points for getting followers.
  10. But "Well=known" suggests that lots of people know you not that you have lots of trophy points
  11. Yeah, but the title says "title", also implying that OP is already well-known, but just doesn't have the title.
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  12. Well-known doesn't mean followers. For example, I could be known as the rudest, most disrespectful person on the Empire - I would be well-known, but not have a lot of followers. :p
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  13. But what i was saying that being Well Known implies people know you and the best way to prove that is by followers :p
  14. I am still wondering how SteveClasher isn't well-known....he has 43 trophy points but freaking 900 something site posts!
  15. Slacking off, eh?
    *confronts Matheus*
  16. He probably doesn't have enough likes.
  17. oh ok. So you need a lot of site posts and likes to get trophy points :p