[Question] does EMC have an external server port for MCPE?

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  1. The title says it all because I just have to play EMC but I don't have access to a computer (issues) but I was wanting to play EMC through MCPE but I need a port for it to work I think this would be an Aikar question but maybe someone knows it
    Example: http://imgur.com/a434vVU
  2. I'm almost positive this wouldn't be possible. Have you ever joined any pc server via Pocket Edition? They're entirely different games, programmed in a different way, with different features and different ways of doing things. So I can't really imagine being able to join EMC (as in one of our current pc servers) with Pocket Edition.
    Of course it would be possible to make an EMC PE server, and that would probably be good advertising for the main pc servers, but I'm not sure if that would have high priority for the staff to do.
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  3. That would be amazing if it could be possible, but like 607 said, PC version has an entirely different game set-up. I think it might be too much for staff to do since they still need to add name changes and update to 1.9 when it is released.
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  4. Yeah that's one of the things that I thought might get in the way but I thought 'meh, it might work'
  5. Nope, sorry, but it's not possible by far :p
    I hope your computer issues will get sorted soon!
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