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  1. I didn't want to bump a thread with the last response from over a year ago, so I thought to make a new one. Just to confirm, if I don't vote at all for a week, I will only drop at most ten levels from my current voting streak yes? I'm nearly to 300 and I really don't want to lose it all. It's just a worry that's been nagging me so I really just want to know for sure.
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  2. Yes you are correct. It will not drop below -10
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  3. In other words, just keep voting every 16 hours and you should be fine ;)
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  4. Bit difficult to do if I won't be around a computer with internet. XD
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  5. If you vote every day or even every 2 days it won't drop at all.
  6. Another question I've been having foe a while: what if you don't vote for 9 days, then vote once, and then don't vote again for 9 days? Will it go down 18 or 17, or is the lowest is can go 10 below the highest vote bonus?
  7. From what I recall, I believe the -10 is only 10 off of whatever your max vote bonus was (at most).
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  8. Correct :)
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  9. I hate to burst your bubble Eviltoade, but I have had what TomvanWijnen describe happen to me in my voting before. When my voting was not consistent it actually went down about 20+ votes. It would seem that just not voting when rl deters you may just be the best option if you cannot keep the streak going. There is nothing like learning "The Hard Way -".

    And if your sure I am wrong Eviltoade, then we need to review my voting to see if I can get some votes back :)