[QUESTION] About 1.9 and the Notch Apples....

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  1. I think we should keep the Notch Apples. If you could recode the update so that they stay in the game, that would be awesome lol. I've noticed that peeps are going crazy about them disappearing and are frantically stocking up on them. This seems pointless to me, as the fact that if they are removed, they would cause glitches with the currently existing apples, no? If I'm talking out of my butt, please let me know XD It just seems logical that if x amount of an item is in a game that is then removed, the game would attempt to load the nonexistent code for the apples, I think... Idk for sure, but I know from playing Gmod that removing an item from the code and then reloading it causes errors... What do ya'll think?
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  2. What I've read is that in 1.9 you won't have the ability to *craft* notch apples, but they will continue to exist and can be found.

    Here is what the wiki says:
    In 1.9,[upcoming] golden apples (enchanted) can be found in 2.6% of desert temple chests, 3.1% of dungeonchests, and 1.4% of chest minecarts in abandoned mine shafts, all in stacks of 1.
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  3. Well, then my post is nonsensical ^~^ Oh well hahaha I guess after the update the apple's value will skyrocket compared to the current price. Lol
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  4. I like your thinking but yeah; as Wayne said up there the only difference is that they'll become rarer because you can't craft them, but they'll still be available as rare finds in dungeons and such. So yeah, now would be a good time to try and stock up ;)

    Aya and me even went as far to struck a deal and shared some of our gold blocks so that we could make more Notch apples ;) Not a huge amount, but we got several stacks already which we plan to sell "at a later time".

    Note that you can still craft the regular golden apples in 1.9 (using ingots instead of blocks).

    Quite frankly I also don't like to see a crafting recipe go (IMO we need more crafting recipes, not less) but I also don't think it will be missed too much; especially because even eating food can heal you a bit in 1.9.
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  5. Well, I need to buy a crapton of gold ingots and blocks. 200k I can spend..... Hehehehe ^_^
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  6. I have more extra gold blocks than I have regular apples right now. Doh!
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  7. Hahaha I need both now that I think of it....
  8. FYI Notch Apples are also getting seriously nerfed.
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  9. Honestly, no surprise there. Leave it to Microsoft to mess with something that's perfectly fine. Don't get me started on Minecraft: Story Mode... I'm sorry if anyone reading this likes it, but they seriously had to do that? Dumb idea. No stars! Lol
  10. Minecraft story mode was made by Telltale games, nothing to do with the actual minecraft. Microsoft didn't "do" anything, just let them make the game and earned some cash out of it. Everyone wins.

    The recipe for regular golden apples is gonna change too? (currently they're made with gold nuggets, not ingots)
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  11. Yes. they're nerfing them both, although Notch apples are way more nerfed.

    Golden carrots are getting a bump.
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  12. Oh please don't do this. They're getting really really really nerfed in terms of what they actually do.
  13. What's changing about carrots? Couldn't find anything about this.
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  14. Nothing about carrots, but the way food works generally. Saturation became more important, golden carrots have very high saturation.
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  15. I mean that Microsoft allowed it their self. =P It's just silly to me to add a story to a game that's perfect as is, gameplay wise. But apparently the struggle to reach the end and defeat the dragon isn't enough.
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  16. Staff could always sell them at /pvp like the other gear.
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  17. Im more concerned about their usage for Banners. I need my precious Mojang Symbol Banners
  18. As others have already said above, Notch apples are not being removed from the game. They are simply becoming harder to get. As for them getting nerfed, I thought the change they did to the apples were reverted to what they were before? Please correct me if I am wrong as I am not 100% sure on that, checking now actually... :)

    *edit* I think I could be partly wrong, was thinking of normal Gold Apples...
  19. Pretty sure the recipe for regular apples has been ingots for the past couple updates...

    On a side note, I'm excited to run mob arenas on the 1.9 updates, a lower number of god apples should make things more fun.
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  20. Golden apples changed from nuggets to ingots with 1.6. Everyone who had gold and apples cranked them out before the change. The same is taking place with Enchanted golden apples now, but due to the reduced effects it can be good or not so good depending on your situation.

    1. If you have an abundance of gold and apples, I'd say craft away, they'll sell for the price of the gold/apples you'll use and you'll prob always outprice plp cause you're not trying to get money back. I look at it as another way to move the products (gold/apples) you were going to sell anyway. Even competitively priced, you'll probably hold stock for awhile - few players will pay roughly 1,000r for 20 second of regen II (down from V) and some other bumps.
    2. If you think they'll still give you an advantage in pvp or mobareana (even with the reduced effects) and that's your thing, craft away. But keep in mind, you're paying for less bumps then you get now.
    3. If you're buying up gold and apples and looking to make a big score cause enchanted golden apples are going to be "so rare", well, you'll get your money back and maybe eek out some profit if you're still playing in 2+ years. With the amount of gold I've sold in the past couple of weeks, I don't think they will be "rare" for a bit.

    Of course, I could be wrong. We'll see.