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  1. A few moments ago I was at ben3400 shop
    And it looked pretty gold so far

    He has been open for a little bit now and not a single purchase
    He is running a promo shop
    And his goal is to sell a lot of promos

    His shop is at 17442

    If you wanna donate he has. Iron,gold,and diamond blocks you can buy
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  2. Reserved for future posts
  3. This was his idea, not mine:)
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  4. Why do you need to help Ben? Ben drowned.
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  5. Drowned how?
  6. Only Ben can help himself.
    All promo sellers want to sell all their promos. That's what a shop is for.
    If he isn't selling, he isn't doing something right.
    And if he isn't doing something right, then he needs to find out what it is and make it right. Or quit. Sometimes quitting is the right thing to do. Make yourself a shop that you know you can sell, not hope you can sell.
  7. chespinlover77 is a girl
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  8. Lol so used to ppl calling me a him/boy/guy I didn't notice that XD
  9. Try advertising in-game more. It helps a ton.
  10. Err, I don't necessarily agree totally.

    I once had a small time promo shop back on smp7 and I never made many sales. I had multiple people come on down to my shop and gaze at the promos, theneave without a word. I wasn't doing anything wrong. The only thing stopping then from buying from me was that fact the there were bigger, better promo shops out there. It wasn't that mine was bad, it's just that it wasn't good enough.
  11. Don't worry Ben. When I first started EMC, no one visited or even set foot on my res. Try adding res tags like +shop and +mall. Itshould attract more players to your res/shop.
  12. Res tags, advertising a little in-game and making a Businesses thread for it on forums are all things can only mean good things for your shop. I recommend trying some of these things to help your business prosper. It takes a while sometimes but you'll get there if you have the right determination.