PVP World?

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  1. Recently a lot of players have been asking me about PVP. PVP stands for player vs player and it means you can kill each other. I am not saying we are going to do this, I just wanted to get some early discussion going. What does everyone think about allowing PVP in the Wilderness, or in a certain zone in some world, or any PVP at all?
  2. gladiator arena :) that is all never been a fan for open world pvp gives room for ambushes and the sort so if we are gonna have pvp make a gladiator collusiem in town somewhere just my thoughts though
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  3. Maybe a new world where you can challenge people that way we dont have to watch our backs for someone wile we build.
  4. or a collusiem in town for betting and such
  5. I'm a fan of the idea of a World like the wilderness being pvp. The concept of people forming factions to battle each other in the open world is awesome and since there is no world map attached to it, it makes it even better. Obviously it would be dangerous and griefing would be hard, but it adds a new dimension to the game.

    Glad arena neat too, but isn't that the point of the Arena server?
  6. The arena server is currently PVE (Player vs Enemy (Mobs). However, maybe we could add arena's for PVP in there as well as it would fit that theme.
  7. I wouldn't set foot in a PVP world.
  8. ooooh ooohh why not wilderness and pvp arenas 1 v 1 2v2 etc up to 4v4 maybe?
  9. I agree with LostTranquility and Jeremy's ideas concerning adding PvP to the Arena server. I have been playing around with various arena ideas, but I always end up back with a PvP type style.
  10. then dont liz tis why we have the wasteland or we could make another wilderness type world for pvp and leave the new wilderness alone?

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  11. Arenas would provide a better environment I think. An open PVP world would lead to much nastiness and ill feelings.

    I still wouldn't go there myself, but an arena seems a more friendly competitive environment.
  12. valid opinions liz....i used to play on pvp only servers when i played wow sooo it doesnt bother me anymore
  13. I've said this already, but I'll put it here for the record.

    I've never liked the idea of PvP in Minecraft. It seems to go against everything the game was intended for.

    However, if there is such a high demand for it, I won't protest it. What I will object to, however, is any of the SMP worlds being converted into PvP worlds. If people want to kill each other, they can do it by themselves in a segregated area without affecting those who wish to play in peace.
  14. did some sleeping on this issue i came to the conclusion only if demand is high should we have pvp but a seperate area such as a small town sized world or a section of arenas
  15. I can certainly see a place for it with the updates they've been rolling out, however, we wouldn't want it to be the majority of who we are. If you KNOW you're going into it, it could be fun for a, now and then thing. If enough people want it, I don't see the problem with having a CLEARLY MARKED world dedicated to PVP. Like the Wilderness, no map, of course.
  16. I like the idea of a colliseum but also an open world where you can join a faction to battle against other factions/players i really do not care either way.
  17. Maybe add a world where you have the Factions/Towny mod withOUT a livemap and PvP enabled...?
  18. My personal thoughts about pvp would basiccly be change Wastelands to pvp mode. I'm sick and tired of freakin people destroying my mines and crap.

    If I was my minecraft character I would think pvp would show hope a sign of freedom to fight back to keep our mines and items safe from the retards who choose to destroy what we find and make.

    I want to able to protect my freakin mines from the griefers.
    Maybe griefing is a rule but the fact that no one follows the rules would mean we turn to pvp as a option and murder all those who wish to harm my wonderful mines.

    Because of no pvp I've gone to different methods. Such as pressure plates + TNT or lava hidden waiting to be opened.
    All to protect my mines from the horrible annoying griefers.

    So ALLOW PVP!!!
  19. I'm for the idea, it would be a good way for people or factions to settle things like whats going on with the red wolves and the reavers, it would give an opportunity to settle the problems us two groups have with each other
  20. Unfortunately MikeMetal, allowing PVP in any world would make it an even easier place for "griefers" to cause grief.

    While you may be able to protect your stuff temporarily by attacking someone, how would you protect yourself from ambushes, traps, and groups of people who just want to cause grief? You and your stuff would actually be far less safe in a PVP world.

    Even if you manage to "kill" someone who is busting up your mine they'll just respawn... and they'll come back, and you'll have to fight them again, and again, and again, and again... until they get bored of harassing you. It would be hell!

    You want grief? Go PVP.

    On the other hand, if you want to avoid grief, don't build or store stuff in the non-town worlds. It's a painful lesson, but it is the simplest personal solution to the problem... and it's 100% effective at making it impossible for anyone to bring grief upon you.

    Yeah, it's an inconvenient and limiting solution, but it's really the best one you've got at the moment in the virtual reality of the Empire.

    And by the way, I'm sick and tired of people coming on and destroying stuff too. I know what you're feeling.

    Unfortunately, at present there are no global solutions to this problem on a public server, only personal ones.