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  1. No good with words, just some suggestions.

    Command: /pvp stats
    PlayerName's PVP Stats
    Players Killed:
    Number of Deaths:

    Command: /pvp level
    PlayerName's PVP Level
    Player Level: ##
    Kills until next level: ##
    Note: Leveling up is rewarding!

    Level-up Prizes:
    5: PlayerName's PVP Fish (Lore: Smell that? That is the stench of fear! (And fish))
    25: PlayerName's PVP Wooden Sword (Lore: Well, an upgrade IS an upgrade!)
    50: PlayerName's PVP Staff of Flames (Lore: Hit a player in PVP to set fire to them)
    100: PlayerName's PVP Stone Slab (Lore: All hail SkyDragonv8, the Stone Slab God!)
    100: Max Res Voucher (Lore of a normal max-res voucher)
    100: Stolen Ban Hammer (Lore: Although not usable in the right hands, it does deal some damage)
    ^^This is a Diamond Axe^^

    I will not be saying enchantments for the Stolen Ban Hammer, for I have never held one.

    I do believe that this will increase the activity in the PVP arenas and make it even more fun.
  2. Interesting idea.
    Edit: +1
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  3. We'd have to monitor people grinding for this, but interesting nonetheless.
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  4. I had never thought of that. :oops:
  5. +1 Stone slab for sure! :D
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  6. Ethy202 likes the ban hammer. Ethy202 needs some better armor though.
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  7. Sounds quite interesting, although as Krysyy said, someone will definitely find a way to grind it and get a whole whack-load of max res vouchers.

    Otherwise, totally awesome idea. :)
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  8. I've managed to nab a ban hammer, I will post a pict or vid later. It's very strange...
    EDIT : I have stolen some more gear.
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  9. Would need to calculate whom had done the most damage too. I can see a lot of people jumping into mosh pits of players after it has been going on for a few minutes and collecting all the kills without having to do 90% of the work. Aka we need a method of assist counting*
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  10. Agreed.
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  11. I do have one problem with it...
    When I'm collecting jelle68 heads. I take my alt and I'll "kill" myself Some times...
    So when I want to get a DC to auction (I have done this) than does ilse32 get a lot of levels, and I think That isn't the maening of it :D
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  12. Krysyy has addressed that a bit up, I do not know of any fix.

    Why don't you just made a head farm in the wild? Much less work.