PvP Fair Arenas being Abused?

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Should we restrict armor + weapons in PvP Fair Arenas by force?

+1 7 vote(s) 70.0%
0 2 vote(s) 20.0%
-1 1 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. Hello Empire!

    This has happened only a few times, but it is getting me a bit aggravated at the new players who come to PvP. They see the fair arenas as another set of arenas for them to PvP in WITH armor and weapons. Is there a way to restrict armor and weapons going into the fair arenas by force? This might be minor, but I just can't stand to see players abusing what EMC has done for us:mad:
  2. I thought the fair arenas blocked any armour effects?
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  3. I just checked =P no, they don't. I went into an arena with armor and it did less damage; then I went into an arena without armor and it did more damage.
  4. Then that's a bug because their whole point is to disable armor and weapons.
  5. =P well then...I know the arenas allow armor because one guy wanted to 1v1 me in the fair arenas. The armor work... :confused:
  6. Buffs are blocked in the fair arenas, but like Chocolate800 said, armor and weapons do work.
  7. I actually suffered with the same issue a while back, i presumed it was just a glitch at the time. If other people are also getting this problem then there might be some kind of armour or weapons that aren't restricted, could that be possible?
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  8. Maybe....
  9. Armor is allowed in there but there should be code in place that negates them.

    So even if you got a ham hacker with God armor, the damage calculations should be acting as if you have nothing at all.
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  10. Can't have an Avalauncher fight with armor...
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  11. Oh wow... I didn't even know that Fair Arenas was for no Armor and Weapons... But I don't really PvP in Fair Arenas anyways. Armor and Sword Restrictions sounds like a Good Idea. One problem that is stated on a Sign, I believe, is that Thorns and Fire Aspect still works. So it might just be a bug. The only thing I can think of is putting your Armor, Sword Restriction Idea in the Suggestion Box or PMing Aikar unless he already has seen this. You know?
  12. good point
  13. Meant to update but the stuff that negated armor/weapons a few months ago is now gone and damage can be reduced/increased based on the armor and weapons you have there now.
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  14. Ahh ok :)
  15. hmm, will file bug. Damage is suppose to be % based there (check the res flags and you can see 5%/10%/20% type flags)

    But seems like armor is maybe being counted AFTER the percentage.
  16. Armor is not counted, unless it is a bug (which it appears to be). Hopefully it will be fixed soon.