PVP Battleaxe

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  1. Hi All

    What I'm offering today is a maxed enchant, battleaxe!

    Why would you want to use an axe in pvp?

    That's right! You can show those noobs hiding behind their shields that they are no match for the might of Odin's Battleaxe....or something like that.

    Item being auctioned: Enchanted Axe
    Starting Bid: 1000
    Min Bid Increment: 100r
    Auction End: 24 hours after last valid bid
    Axe Will be mailed to the winning bidder

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  2. 3k
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  3. 3500r gotta love them battleaxes. It must be good if comes from a Spartan.
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  4. 5k, because I love the attention you put into your post. That just cries out to bid a little more :)
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  5. 10k I love your post! :)
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  6. Them's fighting words. Now I has to get this axe in order to, uhm, you do PvP? :D

    15k :mad:
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  7. 15100r ehhhh im ok at pvp :eek: but if i had this axe i would be better than you :D :cool:
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  8. a nub with the best tool is still a nub 15200r
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  9. Now, if you youngsters could be quiet while I take this axe home, that'd be swell :)

    Oh, I know: we can share! I'll take the axe and I'm sure I got some sticks for you guys somewhere :D
    (this is obviously a joke, normally you shouldn't mention a topic like this on an auction thread ;) ).


    I'm really enjoying this auction!
  10. like all good things this auction has come to an end. It was really fun and I want to thank everyone who bid.

    ShelLuser, Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility! Try not to embarrass the little noobs too badly.

    I'll drop the axe in the mail when I receive payment.

    Have fun!
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  11. Cool, then I'll pay you 15550r in order to cover for the mail costs. I think that's well deserved after such a fun auction.

    And paid!

    Mwua ha ha ha haaaaa! :mad:

    Errr, yes, thank you very much. I'll be careful!
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