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Do you think a PvP arena should be implemented on every server?

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Yes! 26 vote(s) 52.0%
No! 14 vote(s) 28.0%
Maybe only an arena on 1 server 10 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Okay I'd just like to say that I think no PvP in the wilderness is probably one of the smartest ideas in the history of minecraft servers but everyone at some point starts to kinda want some fun destroying each other.

    What I am proposing is that we have a PvP arena on every server for those who just want to have a little fun with their diamond swords. I think where this could go is maybe in one of the four 120x120 spaces per server or maybe somewhere else. No PvP in the wilderness is a great idea JustinGuy but I bet even you wish there was some PvP on the server.

    I think this would be a great idea but please tell me your ideas! :)
  2. good idea
  3. +1 this idea :D would love to settle some arguments via this
  4. maybe you could earn rupees for it like every kill you get you earn 10r or something :) and it could be like some spleef plugins ive seen eg /join spleef or in this case it would be /join pvp or just /pvp :)
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  5. A spleef arena would be cool. Maybe we should start another thread to get a spleef arena.
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  6. Or maybe getting a PvP arena and a spleef arena at the same time would just be too much work and make JustinGuy's head explode.:p
  7. i would prefer a pvp area to spleef as spleef gets old quite fast or if we could have both :p
  8. It's been stated before that there will never be PvP on EMC. It's strictly an SMP server. It's a nice idea, and I'm pretty sure it has been brought up before, but it would defeat one of the purposes of EMC which is to provide servers where you can be safe from being killed by other players.
    Settling an argument over PvP may sound like a good idea but in the long run, in my opinion, I think it would just cause more disputes.
    All in all I'm against this idea (obviously:p)
  9. Nothing can make his head explode
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  10. Players can be safe from the dangers of PvP because the arena is an optional thing! If you don't want to participate you wouldn't have to! You can still spend your entire time on the server if this arena was implemented and not get killed once! If you don't want to get killed then don't enter the arena. It's as simple as that to be safe from PvP in EMC.
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  11. I dont mean serious arguments xD just settling banter :D
  12. That is also not true that there wil never be PvP on EMC because there was talk of getting a "dystopia" server with PvP in the wilderness.
  13. well like you put your stuff in a chest, and the only pvp is inside the arena. Only pvp flags and if you die you respawn at the bed you rested in right beside your chest with your stuff and the arena has rentable weapons and leather or iron armor just for using and maybe add a dramatic effect with a giant tnt explosion
  14. I love pvp battles and i want this arena :p
  15. in order to make pvp possible in an arena, it would have to be enabled on the server, which would mean a new pvp flag would have to be implemented everywhere but the arena, and this is a bad idea, because what if the plugin bugs, or doesnt work properly in a new chunk? suddenly there is more pvp grief than there was before, no pvp. ever. if you want to settle your disputes that way, use the community spleef arena in smp1's nether, or just fight it out in a private server :)
  16. We already have a awesome slpeef arena at the amusement park :)
  17. Agreed. If you really want PvP, then we'll have to find a different way because one arena per server would DESTROY me with lag.
  18. I vote no. Someone said that if we let PVP, lots of newbies will get owned by thugs in diamond.
  19. Keep in mind that the only thing differentiating a Diamond supporter from a regular player is how much money we have. Even we supporters can get owned sometimes :p