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  1. You guys should make a arena like /pvp arena where you can fight other players and not lose your stuff?
  2. EMC is a no-PvP community. You can expect a 'dystopia' PvP server in the distant future, however. :)
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  3. You could say it's on the 'wish list' but not in high importance at all, expect it to come, but not anytime soon :p Dragon tombs and other things are the high priority things.
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  4. You were supposed to read the guide for suggesting before posting. This has already been suggested. Emc will have a PvP server in the future, however.
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  5. They are planning to make a PVP server but that may be a few months or a year depending on what Aikars watch says. It is rumored to be in the possible Dystopia server, but who knows.
  6. Well, to be quite honest this may or may not happen. EMC is a non "PvP" server, and dystopia, is suppose to be "PvE" Player Vs. Environment.
    Now, if this were to happen, it would happen in the far off future because the guide and tutorial are currently being updated with new information. Then, we also have to think, the 1.6 update happened recently, and dragon tombs will have to transfer the data over to 1.6, to support the server. And dragon tombs is being worked on constantly, even if we don't realize it at times ;)
  7. We plan on adding PVP things to our roster in the future. Have a lot to do before that, though. However, it will be an external server situation and not a part of the current existing SMP servers.
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