Public waste end portal ?

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  1. Is there some public end portal so we can go to waste end ?
    SO far i know we now have a waste and frontier end separate ...?
  2. Nope, you have to find the end portal.
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  3. Well, mabye someone found one. i the past i found by accident a portal open.
    Still not hav ethe find trick under the fingers. i know how it works. but that's it.
  4. There is no way (that I'm aware of) to teleport to the End for either the wild or the waste. That being said, on most smps I've found some form of public access or marker for the end portal in the wild. The waste is a different story. You can try asking around if anyone knows the cords or do it the old fashioned way. Just go to waste center on your smp with a bunch of Eye of Enders & start tossing & following. I did this on smp9 and found a tower in the waste that someone had put up to mark the end portal.

    The waste end is your best place to mine end stone or to fight the dragon. I seriously doubt there are any elytra left until the reset, & then you have to find the portal again.
  5. There's one on smp3, I forget the coordinates I'll edit those in later if I remember :)
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  6. /waste s on SMP2 has a very easily accessible one, the path was originally made by our own Poofasaurus. You can't miss it: just follow the path and eventually go left to the (mostly dug out) stronghold.
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  7. /waste c on smp8, follow the path (mostly west and a little south - grass path blocks off main west road). Fair warning, it's around 800-1000 blocks out. Path compliments of myself and BobbyTheBuild3r. There are signs in the stronghold to lead you to the end portal.
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  8. Smp9 cords are 957/-1108. There is no path, except a dirt path over the water in the beginning. There is a decent cliff in the way after that. You can get around it, but I usually enderpear over it. In fact I usually set a compass heading and just keep pearling my way there. 1-2 stacks are plenty. There is a big stone & purpur tower on the far edge of a swamp. Center of the tower is a ladder down, it goes straight to the end portal. There is a bed and an enderchest already out there.
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  9. SMP 7 /Waste SE 3097, 4693 It's easy to get to. Go down the south side of the outpost make a right toward the plains and follow the random line of blocks to the sky high dirt high-riser. The end portal entrance is below it.
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  10. Never underestimate the power of the End. I bet there are a few left out there. I found 1 Elytra on smp7 just last week.
  11. Except, im prisoner on SMP2 in my outpost :O
    I tried to make a nether way back once. But never finished, need to bring more food with me and tools.
    Mabye time to write coordinates down and break bed and die.

    Let's see if i can get to spawn on smp2
    Not need the elytra or dragon.

    Add, i see on smp7,8 and 9 is a end portal;. thanks going to look there.
  12. If you decide to jump down the hole in the middle of the lake be sure to bring feather falling boots.
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  13. Wow, I just may consider donning my voter gear & go hiking.
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  14. Thanks, SMP9 where most easy. also it's my home server.
    I got me inventory full with more end stone. Thanks.
    Moving back to frontier. Now i have more for chorus plants.
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  15. I think if it's elytra you're looking for then frontier end is your best shot, some of it is still unexplored.