Public Free Auto Froggy light getterer place.

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by bralukwie, Nov 25, 2023.

  1. It's in the waste nether on SMP3 /wnether c then go north and follow the path light by frog lights. its about a one minute walk. It's a quick easy build. Help yourselves.
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  2. I build one too if anyone wants to use it. It's at SMP5 /nwaste w then head south.
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  3. Wonderful to see these pop up.

    Thank you for building them and posting directions
  4. Made another one thats slightly closer and its right nearby. SMP3 /wnether c Then follow the path for about 30 seconds. I need to do some finishing touches but the good part is done. There are hoglins usually in the way so I put a bunch of blue shrooms down so they dont attack. may want to bring a ranged weapon thing
  5. Thanks bralukwie - these are great! Hoe you don't mind, I built a tiny glass afk room on your first one. I used noprotect mode in case you don't like it. Keeps me safe from the ghasts and the hoglins don't see me opening the chest.

    Quick question: I noticed the main loot chest still had the loot in it. I ran into this before on another bastion remnant before the waste reset and was surprised it wasn't already emptied. Is this an EMC thing? Does it refill for each player or on some kind of timer?
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  6. i just built them for fun and usefulness, i dont care if people change them.

    They do refill for new people accessing them but i dont know what schedule it does that on. I think they also refill for same player but I think that takes forever. lol but im not sure
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  7. For waste reset 1.20.04 I made a new one. Its on SMP2 wnether Center. Go down the South ramp and follow the path. Its about 30 seconds from spawn.
  8. Loot chests will refill, but can only be claimed once per player. The refill timer is an algorithm that Aikar won't discuss, except for that there are some limits for people grabbing an alt and empting it again or farming the loot chests.