Public Forever co. Cacti Complex.

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Who has used the Forever co. cacti complex on smp5?

Poll closed Jul 29, 2015.
Yes, i have used it before. 5 vote(s) 13.5%
No, i have not used it before 32 vote(s) 86.5%
  1. Where: My second res on smp5.
    Please respond to this poll it will be appreciated!!
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  2. What is Forever co.?
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  3. im finding that the sugarcane farm isn't producing like it was
  4. i havent been on much to load it lately sorry
  5. After some time of afking the chests should fill up again.
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  6. I stopped by, never been back though, just don't need much. nice place, love all the foreverco stuff
  7. I didn't even know this existed.
  8. Forever Co. is a set of farms and public stuff. :)
  9. I love this place, its where most of my future auctions will come from, will of corse pay half to @12info ( its the fairest thing to do ). But as @nach499 said, the sugar cane isn't as productive.
  10. oh ok so its lika farming thing? :eek:
  11. yes
  12. Ohhhhhh ok ill go and try it
  13. is the farm closed? it seems to be blocked by black wool
  14. Forever Co. Is like a company run by Byeforeverthe2nd, who by herself builds many, many public places, farms, grinders, and buildings of all sorts.
    If you search up "Forever Co", you ought to find their official thread. (Though, once again, it's mostly all Byeforever).
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  15. byeforeverthe2nd is male steamingfire
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  16. ... I totally knew that.
    Totally didn't assume a female gender 'cause of his Elsa profile picture and now-colorful-thingy profile picture >.>...
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  17. The builds they/he offers up to the community are not just useful but are spectacles. The amount of creativity and vision that go into them is amazing. I do have to admit I'm feeling a little jealous recently as he is apparently spending some time creating these offerings on smps other than 5. Remember Forever Co. smp5 is your peeps.
  18. Nu.
    Build more on smp3.
    I go to smp3 just to see good public facilities xD
  19. Actually this farm had a lot of community work in it from smp5 and builders from other servers the original building was made by sunnyraindance and planned to be a musuem the second floor was made by a team of 3-4 of us but not completely by byeforever (no offense). The upper floors are actually joined in 2 seperate builds i built 1 half and the other by another team of 3-4 people.

    To the farms!:
    The cactus farm was built by me and byeforever and finished on 1/17/15.

    The sugarcane farm was originally built by thakloned, dektirok, and me, but was later remodeled by kimajime.

    The bread farm was completed on 5/10/15 amd was built by me and byeforeverthe2nd

    The pumpkin farm was originally designed by me but through many tries at remodel was succeded by kimajime

    The potato and carrot farm was completed by me through no fuss as it is one of the easiest farms to build.
  20. I was thinking about the grinders, heh. And the Forever mall.