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  1. This one is smp2 West Waste at -2065,-120
    Farm one has been griefed. I have staff looking in on it, but it will be out of service for a bit. ^ It is fixed, enjoy!

    This one is smp2 waste but I forget the outpost.

    Feel free to use, the only thing is that you need to use your own bonemeal. The dispenser is located in the middle block or the one adjacent to middle block depending on piston position. Oh, and the swamp one needs a doorway so just break 2 blocks and replace them with a door if you can. :)

    Please do not grief :)

    Also as a side note, if anyone knows where a 'Flower Forest' Biome is in any wastelands please let me know as I would like to make a public farm there as well so all flowers are available.



    Smp3 Farm 1 is done. It will provide Red, White, and Orange Tulips as well as Azure Bluets.

    I have to make another smp3 farm in a nearby location to get Alliums and pink tulips.

    The smp3 farm 1 does not have a roof and looks very ghetto to say, if anyone wants to put a roof on it and a door there is 9 stacks of bonemeal pre loaded in dispenser for your use!

    UPDATE 2:

    This farm is for Alliums.
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  2. Nice public offering :) I used to have a tunnel going all the way out to a FF biome on 9, but alas its been a while and with the reset and all.
  3. Awesome! I'll check it later. I remember there was a flower forest on smp3, but I can't remember where it is. :confused:
  4. Awesome idea! There's a small flower forest on smp8, waste E I think off/above the stone brick road if memory serves. Thank you!
  5. sadly smp8 is the only server I do not have access to due to being far out already :)

    Gonna check smp3 like shanekas said.
  6. No worries! I have the same issue on smp7. Maybe I'll swipe your idea and put something up myself soon :)
  7. #BlameQwerty
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  8. Tru Dat
  9. Someone told me coords of an smp3 one but the coords did not match up on live map sadly. Once someone tells me where one is, I will head out asap. Already have my kit ready :).
  10. I know where one is on smp3, and I can show you sometime soon.
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  11. I have made an update to OP, Farm One in the Flower forest on smp3 is done. Check the OP for more info.
  12. Interesting never seen one of these before, and I just restocked bone at my shop on smp3
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  13. Bump, Going out to build the second smp3 farm later on today... if I remember...
  14. Wow, this is a great service! It just so happens that I am in need of flowers for a garden I'm making. I'll definitely take a trip to the FF farm sometime soon!
  15. If you make the trip out do you think you can bring a dispenser? I will pay for it...

    In process of making the Allium farm but forgot a dispenser... >.<
  16. Sure. I'll just leave it in a chest somewhere near the first FF farm.
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  17. BUMP! The Allium farm is complete.
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  18. Sorry to bump again, but farm one has been griefed. I have staff looking in on it, but it will be out of service for a bit.
  19. bump, farm one is still oout. I plan on fixing it today.