Property and derelict policy in the Frontier

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Derelict policy for the Frontier?

Not needed, there is enough space 9 vote(s) 69.2%
Good, 6 months is ok 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Good, 6 months is too long 2 vote(s) 15.4%
Good, 6 months is not enough time 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Not a good idea 2 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. In RL, we live in a world where almost every bit of usable land has an owner.
    Frontier is a different world, there is waste land waiting to be explored, like Earth was many centuries ago.

    In such a world, there is a natural law about the ownership over land.
    If you cultivate and use land, than it becomes your property.

    So if someone finds few unoccupied chunks and builds a base there, it's his / their land.
    It stops being their land if they stop using it and don't use it for a long time.
    That's a natural law.

    In RL, there is a derelict policy, it's 30 years where I live.
    If you own land, but you don't use it for 30 years, then you don't own it any more and someone who is using it can claim it.

    As MC day lasts 20 min, 30 MC "years" last around 150 RL days.
    So, I'd suggest 1/2 year (6 months) derelict policy for the Frontier :)

    EDIT: I forgot to add - that kind of derelict policy is in effect when, and only when there is a player that wants to claim - e.g. an abandoned base. Nothing happens automatically.
  2. How about no..

    The wild isn't like town, there's plenty of land to build on, instead of a bunch of plots that are reset if their owners aren't on for a long time.
  3. also mods have said that you dont really own land. in a sense its to prevent people claiming land around spawn and making it "private property" and not allowing anyone to get out.

    any builds you make are protected, but the raw land nearby isnt
  4. The LLO use the same derelict policy as Town. I suggest that if an official derelict policy is applied to the Frontier, it should be the same as in Town.
  5. Except that would require ever 60x60 area of the wild to be a plot. You can't really throw a derelict policy into a place with no land that you really own.
  6. No, Just no, we do not need a derelict policy in the Frontier.
  7. There is a (natural) right of the way - you're obliged to let people pass / travel.
    That's related to the requirement that you use the land in a way that does not harm others (around) ...
  8. I don't think this is comparable to the town. This would be completely different:

    You find an seemingly abandoned base. Is it ok to claim it and use it?
    Without the derelict policy: no. It stays like it is forever.

    With that kind of derelict policy:
    - place few signs with your intention to take over
    - wait 6 months
    - if there is no objection, it's yours, it's ok to "claim" it

    Nothing happens "automatically"
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  9. But what if that person has taken a leave from EMC, and will be back in the future? Its not fair to walk in, place a few signs, and claim it as you'res in a few months. I see it like this. If you're too lazy to go into the wild, and build a base of you're own, or don't want to join an already existing camp, stay in town.
  10. idk i think they would probly still say its griefing, i agree tho i happen upon some things that havent been touched in months sometimes. i think its should more be a discretionary period like after 150 days if that person hasnt logged in you can take down their structures
  11. This is a very good point that you have made, but idk if there is any way to make an official derelict system for it. My advice to people is to normally look around for locked chests with names on them, then message that player on the site. But as I said again, I do not believe there is an official way to monitor this. However, great idea.
  12. i think he means like a time period after which it would be okay to alter things that belong to people that wouldnt be taken as griefing
  13. something like that ... of course the first thing to do would be to try to contact them if you can find the name(s)

    Well, this is the question - shall there be a point in time when it is considered that a site is not in use any more - or not?
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  14. There are few possible key points -
    - placing signs (logs would need to be kept that long)?
    - PM to a mod over the forum about the intention?
    - PM to suspected old owner(s) (if known), including a mod right away or after 6 months have passed?

    What to do as owner -
    - place signs, perhaps with date on them - at least every 6 months :)

    (finding a sign with a date older than 6 months would not mean that the site is free to take, you would need to go through the whole procedure all the same)
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  15. So there's seemingly a want to claim a specific piece of land in a world which infinitely generates?
    You could just you know, build somewhere else?
    Oh wait, that's far too simple and time saving, quite silly of me.
  16. In 99% of the cases - you're right.
    But - there's always a but.

    Not far from you base, you've discovered a nice spawner with 2-3 torches on it.
    Someone was there before you. Is it ok to build a grinder?

    Perhaps you can place a sign, and if no one answers (sign or forum) for
    6 months, then I'd say it's ok to take the spawner and build a grinder.

    BTW, I think I have over 50 spawners in my way-point list ...
    one of them might be near your base ;)
  17. This will be better when dragon tombs comes out and people get protected land in frontier.
  18. I agree yes, if it's untouched, go for it, as there are far less spawners than there are good places to build.
    But for above ground, more space, so no.
    I have a base? :confused:
  19. theres two bases on the way to my wildbase on smp6 they both have been abandoned since before i joined emc (well actually there is three but that one the people showed up after i left signs) my base is far and pretty well hidden while theirs isnt if you follow theirs it leads you to mine so if this were implemented i would simply dirt over/demolish theirs to better hide mine
  20. Worst Cass scenario:
    Bob builds a diamond palace.
    Bobs computer dies.
    6 months 1 day later bob returns.
    Obama has claimed the palace.
    Bob tries to get back diamonds.
    Spongebob bans him.
    Obama wins.
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